Friday, June 25, 2010

Leaving Bandon

Friday morning – Bandon
Well, we are preparing to take off this morning and head north to Beverly Beach State Park up north of Newport – to meet up with Jed and Luke and attend Bryan Conklin’s wedding tomorrow. I have Jed’s clothes all washed and pressed. His flight last night was delayed, so he and Luke are going to be two tired boys when they arrive!
I arose early this morning and saw a low tide on the beach at 6 am – you could see the bare sand west of the big rock. I “window walked” the beach – is there such a term?
Crossed the last of our “to do’s” off Mom’s list this morning and now just packing up and folding up the tent trailer.
Yesterday was beautiful after the fog burned off. Rick and worked outside after I spent the morning lazily finishing a book – you have to have some vacation time! We took a walk on the beach in the afternoon – against a fierce north wind! Talked with Luke on phone and Rick set up the memorial service time with Randy for Pop – August 7 in Greenville. Mom and I played games – afraid I was not a gracious guest as I ended up winning the Cribbage contests, the Quiddler games, and Spite and Malice. Quiddler was the closest score, 4-3.
Our next post could be from the Alaska Highway next week!

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