Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conklin Wedding on the Beach

Beverly Beach

I lied about the next post! I write from the shade of the thousands of trees engulfing Beverly Beach campground just north of Newport. The sky is sunny and clear, the sun trying to be warm. Rick and I have taken a walk all over the campground and on the nature trail along Spencer Creek. Jed is down “with the boys” having pictures taken, having arisen early with Luke to help Bryan “decorate” the beach for the wedding! (They moved a bunch of rocks and made a little driftwood front.)

We arrived yesterday afternoon around 3:15 after a beautiful drive up the coast. Boys pulled in right at 4 pm. They had finally gotten to bed last night at 2:30, but left Baker right on schedule at 8. They were somewhat tired! We had a good chance to visit before the rehearsal started at 5:30. Dinner was up in Lincoln City at Galucchi’s Pizza. Expensive but good pizza! We especially enjoyed reminiscing about BMS and BHS with Erin Toole who is down to take the pictures. Back to the campground around 10 to make a fire and visit as a family until 11:30 or so.

Bryan and Shannon’s wedding is set for 3 pm. Jed has to be dressed and down on the beach at noon for pictures. Luke, we discover later, has been on “guard duty” down on the beach making sure the hoards of people visiting today don’t mess with the rock and “altar” area.

God couldn’t have blessed us with a more beautiful day. The wind is cool and strong, but the sun is bright (Jed says “sunburn bright!”) The wedding is not big in terms of attendees and the guests basically stand behind Shannon and Bryan as we all face the ocean – at high tide. Maybe the tide helped cut down on the number of people on the beach! But we are on the rocks (it is like a streambed area filled with thousands of round smooth water caressed stones. Cherrie and Debbie – the two moms – are “escorted” in by Camryn and Dillon. Caden is the ring bearer.

It was a fun wedding – simple, but nice. Fun visiting with members of Jed’s class who participated or attended – just a few close ones. Lots of kids with young cousins. Andrea and Dan were both attendants – we told them they were practicing for next month. The reception was in the large meeting hall yurt. Rick spent considerable time after the wedding playing with Dillon and Camryn and Caden out in the grass – letting them burn off lots of energy.

Afterwards we went back to camp to relax and enjoy a campfire. Jed gave Rick his GPS system for Father’s Day and some quick instruction before Conklins came down with the boys for s’mores. A nice evening helping Dillon and Camryn enjoy a good taste of the camping life!

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