Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Tribute to Mom, Rosemary McLean

(Beach Letters found on the Bandon shoreline shortly after Mom's death)
of Family and Friends for
July 3 - July 10, 2017

Family Picture at Church following service:
BACK L2R: Mac, John, Luke, Rick, Kirsty (holding Mom), Jen, Doug, Pat, Lorrie, Greta.
MIDDLE: Karen, Dave, Gretchen....flowers....Jed, Heather & Dani in front of Jed,  Tom with Matty, Margaret, Ron
FRONT:  Liz and Ginger kneeling, Tucker and Tommy, sitting.  Missing: Shawn and Tyler (sick boy!)

by Luke Rembold

I may fully understand 
All the ways you have 
guided and impacted me

But for now
I will retell the stories
That you told and retold me
Of childhood memories 
And family camping trips
Of dear friends near and far

For now I will place my hand
At the crook of my elbow
And feel your hand holding on for support

For now I will teach everyone 
That cares to listen
How to play spite and malice 
Over bowls of ice cream and crispy cookies

For now I will sit in the warm embrace of your living room in the afternoon sun
Listening for the click of your knitting needles
Or the heavy breathing that tells me you've drifted off
For the nap you never wanted to take

I hope to be the person
You always saw in me
The best version of ourselves you saw
In each of us

But for now 
I will smile through tears  
call you stubborn in all the best ways
And aspire to be just like you.

  Luke and Matty check out the tsunami map....just in case?

Liz visits with Karen, Pat, and Greta

Jen and Jed must have consulted on colors....

Mac cleans up pretty well! 

Checking out the McLean ministers on the Bandon church wall. 
and the requisite 'FAMILY' Photos....
Cousin 're-enactment' from Grandpa's service in 1991. 

Cousins and spouses

Simmons Family

Taylor Family

Rembold Family

McLean 'Kids' and Spouses
Margaret, Ron, Mac (Minus Diane), Rick, Ginger, Liz, Dave

Five great-grandchildren:
Tommy, Tyler, Tucker, Matty, and Dani
Relatives who flew in!  Lorrie, Pat, Karen and Greta (John was somewhere!)
COLLAGES of our Week Together.... 
Tie Dye, Tiny Cousins, and Food coming soon! 
How can you not love the beauty of the Bandon beach!?

Fourth of July fun with the Taylor Family

How fortunate we were to have Denny Dyke, the Circles in the Sand Labyrinth artist, creating meditative paths four days over the weekend!  At least four of us were down there every day!  

Big Cousin Chaos reigned when all the grandchildren got together!  

Fri – Sun
Heather, Tom, Matty, and Dani Taylor
Tom’s family drove up from Sacramento early to spend the weekend in Bandon – relaxing, enjoying Old Town, etc.  Cheese curds!
Heather, Tom, Matty, Dani Taylor
Margaret, Ron, & Jen Taylor
Ginger & Rick Rembold
Rick and Ginger arrived shortly after noon, Marg & company around 7pm. Rick and Ging had left Baker City after church on Sunday and camped halfway along the Mackenzie River.  Afternoon jaunt to Old Town and Cheese Factory! Heather made chili for everyone.
Tom’s family in Mom’s bedroom, Ron & Marg in guest room upstairs, Jen in guest room downstairs.  Rick & Ginger set up trailer in garage – the ‘suite’
Same as Monday.
Happy 4th of July!!
Parade time downtown – a first for Matty getting candy at a parade!
Fun time at Oceanside School playground, then to City Park for craft show. 
Matty played with the ‘blocks’ from new railings on front deck and entertained with his singing and dancing!  Afternoon naps in prep for late night fireworks!   Ging & Marg made dinner combining all the soup containers in the freezers together!
Same as Monday, PLUS…
Liz, Tucker, Tommy, Tyler
Jed and Luke
Fun day of arrivals off and on! Beach walks and beach time.  Liz brings cookies – they disappear rapidly – big boy cookie monsters have arrived.
Ginger in charge of dinner – enjoyed the lasagna prepared by Bob Moon in Baker City. Cozy sleeping!  Jed & Luke set up a tent in yard.  Mac in study.  Liz and kids on floor downstairs.  Greta and Karen arrive in time for dinner! (Staying at Best Western just down the road.)
Taylor 7 move down the road to their “little cabin in the woods”. 
John, Pat, and Lorrie stop by to visit, after arriving late afternoon.  Also at Best Western. 
Ginger hosts a tie-dye party in the garage!  New garments for all the little guys, plus Heather and Jen dye shirts.  Sabra comes over with Strider to dye, plus Karen gets some yarn to color.  Great fun. Chaos. 
We cook up chicken and tuna from freezer for dinner. 
We make family history charts to help young and old alike figure out relationships!
Young Adult Cousins (Jen,Tom, Heather, Jed & Luke) head downtown late evening.
Dave, Doug, Kirsty arrive.
Shawn and Gretchen arrive.
For dinner:
Heather, Tom, Matty, Dani Taylor
Margaret, Ron, Jen Taylor, Mac
Liz, Dave, Doug, Kirsty Simmon, Tommy
Gretchen, Shawn, Tucker, Tyler Walker
Rick, Ginger, Jed, Luke Rembold
Greta Walker, Karen Wadzinski
John & Pat Nelson, Lorrie Tom
Sabra, Mark, Strider Kachelein
Day 1 of Circles in the Sand (Peace Theme)  Ginger is later joined by Karen, Greta, and Lorrie.
All the tie dye is washed out and delivered! 
Mac makes his first trip to the dump.  Grandkids began to make their ‘claims’.
BBQ Dinner for EVERYONE!  Tables in garage and driveway.  Kacheleins loaned us a second BBQ. Rick and Doug did the honors on hotdogs and burgers. 
Fun evening of laughter and memories.  Young Adult Cousins again went down to close down Bandon at night (joined by Simmons/Walker crew!)
See above!
Day 2 of Circles in the Sand (Unity Theme). Kirsty and Ginger met Lorrie and Karen there.  Rest of morning prep for service. Scheduling showers with 14 at the house and two showers!! 
Mom’s Service and Ice Cream reception following.  Casual evening back at house – beach time – grandkids going through photo albums, jewelry box, etc.  Dinner of leftovers!!  (And ice cream!)
Taylors all leave for Sacramento.
Nelsons & Lorrie leave to catch flight from Eugene. 
Jed and Luke leave.
Shawn, Gretchen, & kids leave after church.
Day 3 of Circles in the Sand (Love Theme).  Kirsty and Ginger , Lorrie, Karen, and Greta walk.  Lorrie leaves soon after.  Worship.  Rick jumps Taylors van so they can leave!  Jed and Luke leave during church.  Liz, Ginger, and Kirsty spend afternoon going through kitchen cupboards, sending out photos and ‘who wants what’ to grands.  Kacheleins, Greta, and Karen come for games in evening – a round of Spite and Malice in mom’s honor! 
Greta and Karen leave late morning.
Who’s left?
Liz, Kirsty, Mac, Rick, and Ginger!
Day 4 of Circles in the Sand (Family Theme).  Liz joins Ginger, Kirsty, and Karen.
Greta waits at house and watches tennis! 
Mac spends day finishing clean out of shop and study.
Liz, Ging, Kirsty clean out decoration cupboards, Christmas stuff, etc. Whew.
Lunch of clam chowder or fish n chips in Old Town, and then some shopping time for Liz, Ging, and Kirsty.   All rooms in house are cleaned. 
Domino game with Sabra and Strider in the evening.  
Rick and Ging left 9:45a.
Liz, Kirsty, Mac about 10:30a. 
Mac and Rick make early run to dump (it was closed on Monday!)
Packing up, etc. 

LINKS to all the photos from the week coming soon.....


December 4, 1919 to May 22, 2017

Rosemary W. McLean, 97, a long-time resident of Bandon, OR, passed away on May 22, 2017, in West Linn, OR, where she was recovering from a fractured hip and subsequent flu.  Rosemary was born on December 4, 1919 in Glendale, CA, to Fredrick and Evie Walker.  She joined three older brothers who doted on their little sister.  In 1929, the family moved to their vacation home, ‘Sunshine Inn’, in Laguna Beach, CA, where Rosemary spent the rest of her youth.  She graduated from Laguna High School in 1937 and Occidental College in 1941, Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Economics.

 In 1942 Rosemary married Robert Norris ‘Bob’ McLean, Jr. who was in his first year of studies at San Francisco Theological Seminary.  While raising four children, she enjoyed extending hospitality to the churches her husband served in Los Angeles, CA, Wapato, WA, and Sacramento, CA.   Rosemary was the ultimate hostess, always ready to welcome guests in her home and to help where needed. Rosemary served her family and church in a wide array of volunteer and community endeavors.  She was active in Church Women United and Presbyterian Women, in addition to serving as assistant clerk to Sacramento Presbytery.  In the 1970’s Rosemary branched out in her church service to take on the position of Secretary-Treasurer for the National Executive Committee of Presbyterian Women.  With the children ‘out of the nest’, she was able to travel throughout the country in this position. 
On the Bandon beach
In 1980, Bob retired and the couple moved to Bandon, OR, to build a new home on the bluff overlooking the ocean.  Bob passed away in 1991 from cancer.  Rosemary has lived in Bandon for the past 37 years, active in the First Presbyterian Church, South Coast Cluster of Pastors, Church Women United, and as a volunteer at the Bandon Historical Society.   She proudly claimed that she had lived in Bandon longer than anywhere else in her life!  She loved the beach, the sunsets, and the sound of the waves at night.  She delighted in the many visitors who came to enjoy the hospitality of her beach home. 
Hawaii, 1964
            Rosemary loved to knit and crochet with a project always at her side and her hands constantly in motion.  The girls remember new outfits flowed from the sewing machine, with many late nights to finish a special garment.  She enjoyed crafts and maintained a variety of houseplants, filling quart jars with new starts she shared with her extended family.   She traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, East Asia, New Zealand, and Fuji with Bob, and later to Costa Rica and various countries of Europe with her daughter Margaret.  Rosemary enjoyed the adventure of new places.
          Children and grandchildren, as well as guests, will remember Rosemary's love of games - board games or cards, it didn't matter.  Multiple forms of Solitaire were played alone, and everyone learned the card game 'Spite and Malice' if they visited.  Running scores were often kept for the duration of a stay.
Mom's Statement of Faith
Read at her Memorial Service
        Rosemary is survived by her four adult children and their spouses, Margaret Taylor (Ron), Elizabeth Simmons (Dave), Robert ‘Mac’ McLean (Diane) and Ginger Rembold (Rick); nine grandchildren, Jennifer Taylor (Ken Pallais), Tom Taylor (Heather), Kirsten Simmons (Erik Schirmer), Gretchen Walker (Shawn), Douglas Simmons, Michelle Tvedt (Mike), Thom McLean, Jedediah Rembold and Luke Rembold; and ten great-grandchildren, Matthew, Danielle, Kaila, Everett, Tucker, Tyler, Thomas, Michele, Allora and Meaghan.  Many others proudly knew her as ‘Grandma Mac’. 
Rosemary was preceded in death by her husband Bob, parents Fredrick and Evie, her three brothers, Stan, Bill, and Nip, and numerous nieces and nephews. 
A memorial service for Rosemary will be held on Saturday, July 8, at 1pm  at the First Presbyterian Church, Bandon, OR. Rosemary will be interred at the Oddfellow’s Cemetery in Grants Pass, OR, next to her husband Bob.  Memorial donations can be made in Rosemary’s name to Bandon First Presbyterian Church or to a charity of your choice.  Final arrangements were handled by Crown Memorial Center of Milwaukie, OR.  

Through the years.....more to come! 
With Ginger at the Christening of the USS William B. McLean - April 2011
With son, Mac, at ship banquet - 2011
With daughter Liz
The girls of the family

Other reflections and thoughts....

Several years ago,  at the age of 60
and in a rare moment of profundity,
I asked my then 94 year-old mom,
”When did you feel ‘all grown up’?”
In my mind,
the 60-year-old mother I remembered
was a far more capable, sophisticated, and mature woman
than who I saw when I looked in the mirror each day.
My mother simply replied, without hesitation,
“When my mother died.”
I stopped, paused, and then said,
“I’m not ready yet.  I can be your baby still.”

This past week, my mother died.
Now, I guess I have to grow up, and I’m still not ready.
But I hope when I look in the mirror now,
I will see my mother –
My strong, capable, woman-of-faith, mother.
I pray people will see her alive in me.
“Ready or not, Mama,  here I come.
Trying hard to be all grown up.”

(Shared by Ginger at Mom's Memorial Service)

There is something all of you who thought you knew my mother never realized. She had a streak of competitiveness in her and played a game for years, both before my dad died or since with anyone and everyone who came to stay for a day or two. It was a game called Spite and Malice.  Yes, this was my mom’s favorite game.  My good, peaceful, kind Christian mother  loved ‘Spite and Malice’. 
It was a game where you had to decide whether you wanted to play for yourself or to play against your opponent.  What could you do to spite them, to be malicious and foil their attempts to win?  I have to tell you, my mother often didn’t play for herself. 
I tried to change the game once.  I said Mom, “why don’t we make this a game called Love and Charity?  You know, a game where, if I leave it at the end of my turn so that you can play, I am rewarded perhaps by getting to take a card off the pile we were trying to reduce?”  No way.  We tried it a few times, and Mom said she just didn’t like it.  She didn’t like being rewarded for helping her opponent.  She didn’t like that part of the game.  Yes, folks, my loving mother didn’t want to play Love and Charity. 
Mom played this game during rehab from her hip surgery, teaching some of her fellow ‘inmates’ (their description, not mine!) to play.  Liz and I often had to assist due to hearing problems and other difficulties woman in their late 80's and 90's have.  Mom didn’t want to play more familiar games like rummy or Crazy 8’s, it had to be Spite and Malice! 

Mom continued to play Spite and Malice to the very end.  Her eyes closed, imaginary cards in hand, her fingers would move, and she would whisper to one of us ‘I need a 2’ or ‘Ginger, play your 9’.  It made no sense to those of us sitting with her because the game was only in her mind. But we played along.  I accused Mom of looking at my hand!  And Liz claims she still lost!
None of us will be able to play a game of Spite and Malice in the future without imagining Mom alongside us, hoarding all the wild Kings (she seemed to always have twice the number of anyone else) and doing her best to foil our attempts at victory.  Perhaps now, she can once again play with her favorite opponent, our Dad.  

In reading through some of my old travel journals, I came across the following account of Mom's reputation for hospitality!  
"Greta outdid herself again tonight with chicken Parmesan and spaghetti, tossed salad, and fresh green beans.  It was wonderful!  I told Greta she was working too hard in the kitchen to feed us and she said, 'Your mother always serves us lovely meals when we visit her.'  So I asked if we were reaping the rewards of my mother's hospitality and she said, 'Well, Yes!'  I must remember to thank Mom! " 

This poem was on a card we received and I thought it expresses Mom's life so well: (No author was given.)


As some people journey through life,
they leave footprints wherever they go -
footprints of kindness and love,
courage and compassion,
humor and inspiration,
joy and faith. 
Even when they are gone, 
we can still look back and clearly see
the trail they left behind -
a trail bright with hope
that invites us to follow.  

Email and Card Remembrances and Tributes 

Since the first day I moved to Bandon met Rosemary as my next door neighbor, I've been blessed that much more with her kindness, wisdom, love and 'chats' over cups of tea. (Ginny Hall, Bandon)

Your mother was such an interesting person with her good knowledge of the workings of the church and especially Presbyterian Women.  She served the whole church so well.  Was such a help to our PW of the Presbytery of the Cascades.  She was secretary when I was the moderator - and she and I worked alot on a re-writing of the by-laws.  It never could have been done without your mother's analytical mind and 'how to do' such a thing!  I've never forgotten that once Ed and I were guests in your parents home!  They loved being in Bandon.  I feel richly blessed to have been one of your mother's friends.  (Alice Patterson, Gates, OR)

My mother told me that whatever your hopes for eternal life, it is certain that you live on in your children and in the lives of those that your life has touched.  Knowing both you, Ginger, and your Mom, I can see the truth of that so plainly.  Her caring for others, her creativity, her strong faith, are all ways that I see her reflected in you.  (Bill Fessel, Baker City)

I knew your parents Bob and Rosemary through Cascades Presbytery, but it was while doing the interim at the Presbyterian Church in Coos Bay that Mary and I came to really know and love the beautiful person your mother was – our monthly gatherings looking out on the ocean in Bandon were so restful and full of fellowship.  We were truly blessed to have known Rosemary.  Precious memories.  (Bill and Mary Taylor)

Rosemary sure had a wonderful life, surrounded by her kids and grandchildren and loved to pieces by many…She touched our lives and was special to us.  (Swansons, Baker City)

I have such wonderful memories of your mom and will always remember her patience and kindness to me as I struggled to meet last-minute deadlines for school assignments.  I was so grateful she let you help me!  We were both blessed with wonderful Moms…. (Carol Sowers)

Your mother, Rosemary, was a special blessing and light in our world.  We enjoyed our ‘pew’ and church chats and pray cherished memories will comfort your family.  (Peter-Ginger Ellingson, Baker City)

Rosemary was such a sweet lady and always smiling!  (Pauline-John Brown, Bandon)

We were sad to learn of Rosemary’s passing.  She outlived most of Bandon’s members, a pillar of our church!  She set a great example for all of us in her love of God and her knowledge of the Bible.    (Bill-Judy Freck, Bandon)

Rosemary was an extra special lady who touched our lives in so many ways.  She was always there for us.  (Connie-Bob Thrush, Bandon)

Our dear Rosemary touched every life she came in contact with.  She will be missed by all.  To us she was a dear neighbor, friend, and sister in the Lord.  (Jim-Judy Mackey, Bandon)

I am sure heaven gained an angel today.  (Aina, West Linn)

I loved Rosemary very much.  Her friendship and love – and that of Bob – has meant so much to my husband, Nat and to me.  (Mary Bercovitz, long time friend)

Every time I have used the  church directory in the past two weeks, I seem to always notice Rosemary’s smiling face.  And every time, I smile back at her, thankful that I knew her for quite a few years, and can reflect on the blessing she was to me.  (Nattie Ingram, Bandon)

What a woman of faith and perseverance with joy. I always enjoyed reading her Christmas letter. I had secretly hoped to visit her in Bandon but that did not happen. Your mom was really our last connection with our mother and life in Laguna. A few years ago I chatted with her by phone about life in early Laguna and Oak Street.  (Sue Martin)

Rosemary was an amazing woman, I always admired her strength and energy. Loved that she wore Birkenstocks and wool socks too!!! God has plans for her indeed.  (Kathy Hubbard’s daughter)

Rosemary had a wonderful life and saw successful children and grandchildren and lived to welcome great grandchildren.  I’m sure the service for her will be a sincere tribute to the difference she has made in so many lives – not just the family but also all of us who knew and loved her as the pastor’s wife, fellow backpacker, and a true friend.  (Lynne and Glenn Cunningham, Sacramento)

Rosemary was the most wonderful, sweet, patient, lady I've ever known.  (Jack- Vera, Bandon)

Rosemary, along with your Dad, was a friend of many years.  She was a good minute clerk at Presbytery, making my task as stated clerk easier.  I miss her smiling face and positive spirit during those years.  Getting older is proving to be more difficult than I expected, yet good memories are welcome bright spots for which I am thankful.  (Walter Link, Sacramento)

Your mom and dad were such important people in our lives.  We are grateful for them and sad to learn of Rosemary's passing.  (Kim-Nancy Anderson, Sacramento)

...You should hear something else about your lovely mother from someone who knew her back in Seminary days in the early 40's.  She was highly thought of and well-liked and admired.  That was true of your Dad, also.  (Dorothy Greenlund)

We were sorry to hear of your loss, Ginger.  We know that you were able to be there for her at the end, and bless God for that.  She seems to have been an amazing person with energy to spare.  You seem to have inherited this, Ginger.  (Helen-Kate-Marge, Baker City)

Thank you so much for sharing dear Rosemary with us through the years.  We have such fond memories of our trip to Bandon and time spent with all of you.  It was always a pleasure to see her when she came to stay at your home too.  We too shall miss her friendship, laughter, and wisdom.  (Bogarts, Baker City)

I was an assistant pastor to your father in 1975-76 and was always impressed with the work Rosemary did with United Presbyterian Women, locally and nationally.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with her at her home in October 2014.  Your father built a lovely home for them both - with a drop-dead gorgeous view.  How special for Rosemary to live out most of her last days there.  (Jim-Jan Rettig)

Thank you for sending this news.   Since we were first PW “roommates” together some time in the distant past, your beloved Rosemary has been a dear friend and inspiration to me.  I hadn’t heard of her death and so appreciate your thoughtful message. (Shirley Patton, UPW)

 Rosemary and Bob were an important part of our lives for what seemed a much longer time than about a year in 1944-1945 when Bob was pastor at Second Presbyterian Church in Lincoln Heights, ...The church was a focal point of our family life with a rich calendar religious education for the young, then weekly services, events, and youth programs, followed by meetings for young married couples. There is no way to overemphasize the influence they had on our lives, the joy and wisdom they shared with us, and the love and admiration we had for them......I had taught for about twenty-five years when your father passed away in 1991. I think my older Thomas may have told me. I am not sure when I reconnected with Rosemary, but it was at least by February of 2001, when my sister Mary Jane had given me Rosemary’s E-mail address and we exchange greetings. And at some point, perhaps by the following Christmas that I began sending her my annual greeting, and she always wrote to thank me. Last year, I had been writing the story of my family and had begun writing about the people we knew during our childhood in Lincoln Heights, including our pastors and their wives, and I had written Rosemary asking for more precise dates and the names of her children that I could not find. She wrote last year and answered all of my questions and shared some of her memories of those years. The news of her fall, broken hip, and surgery earlier this year was terrible, indeed, and I so hoped she would recover, which I thought she had, but it was not to be. I join with you in celebrating the life of your remarkable mother, loved by more people she has known than you can possibly imagine. We will all miss her so very much and hold her close in our memories as long as we live. (John (W. Grubbs, Seminary) 

I was so sorry to hear about your mother.  We always looked so forward to visiting with her whenever we could get to Bandon.  Since our house has been rented, we don't get there any more, but I did think we would try to go after the summer season is over and stay at the Windemere for a few days this year.  It won't be the same not being able to spend time with your mom.  We always had such a good time talking about all the past years since we first met your folks.  Such good memories!  We all loved your mom.  (Alcene Cain, former Bandon neighbor)

Your mom (and dad) were such important mentors to me in faith-filled living and a cherished support to me in my ministry with young children and families.  I always looked forward to your mom's notes and her enthusiasm and laugh make me smile!  (Lynne Jones, niece)

Ken and I have many fond memories of Rosemary.  She was a very special friend.  (Ken - Opal Collins, Sacramento)

For someone who lived a full life - Rosemary will long be remembered for her contributions.  (Peggy Varnum Willis, Sacramento)

Even the short time we spent with Rosemary made it very clear what a remarkable spirit she was (and what a fantastic game player - sharp as a tack in her 90's!)   You (Liz) and I have both been blessed with inspiring moms who charged into old, old age with all flags flying!  (Kate & Reinhard Bohme)

I surely do treasure my long-time friendship with Rosemary.  She was a very special person and surely will be missed.  (Dorothy Varnum, Sacramento)

Your mother was a special part of my whole family.  I give God thanks for her many gifts, especially her warmth and kindness to us.  (Mary Jackson, West Linn, AND Second Church, Los Angeles - Liz and Marg's first babysitter!)

In the journey of life we meet many people.  Rosemary was one of the first people I met when we moved to Bandon and started attending 1st Presbyterian Church.  She made us feel welcome right away.  Rosemary became my mentor as I became more involved in the church and guided me through several committees, Presbytery and then Triennial Gathering in Louisville with Ginger.  She lived her faith every day.  I feel so blessed have known her and learned from her.  She will be missed.  (Marjene & Bob MacIntyre, Bandon)

We will miss Aunt Rosemary so much!  She was a wonderful person and we loved her so!  (Don and Pat McLean)

Rosemary will remain in my thoughts forever.  What a dear person.  (Caroline McKemy, Bandon)

Rosemary was a joy and inspiration to us.  (Hay Family, Bandon)

I met Rosemary years ago through Church Women United.  She has always played an important part in this ecumenical ministry.  She was a warm, loving, and caring friend.  She was our facilitator for several years and we worked together on many projects.  She will be missed by many in so many ways.  She was 'and is' an inspiration and 'beacon' leading family, friends, and community in so many way.  (Bernie Swenson)

February 2018 addition:  
Ever so belatedly we send our condolences.  I, Barbara, moved into the A-frame next to your parents on Seabird Lane in the fall of 1982.  I taught at the elementary school in Bandon.  Bob and Rosemary!  Such gracious people...and so 'on the go!'  I always appreciated their friendliness and kindnesses.  The bluff was not as populated back in '82 and I was young and single - so appreciated the security of having your folks near by.....when they were home!  I loved living on the beach and was a neighbor to your folks for three years.  Got married and moved 'to the valley'.  Kept in touch.  Would stop by and visit your mom when in Bandon.  Your names and your busy lives were always a part of our conversations.  Your mom's love, pride, and absolute joy in you (and your children) was so evident.  
The last time we saw your mom was June 2016.  We were headed to the Redwoods and just passing through.  We knocked on her door, waited a bit, and then there she was - gracious, welcoming, and loving as always.  Although she invited us in, we just visited on the porch.  I'm thankful for this last connection with Rosemary.  
Our hearts were saddened when we received the postcard (thank you so very much!) yet what joy and peace to know that she lives forever with Jesus and one day we will connect again.  
Thank you for sharing your wonderful mother.  I know her legacy of graciousness lives on through you.  In Jesus, Barbara and Jeff Leisman

Excerpts from 
Mom’s Celebration of Service Book 
January 29, 2017 
Bandon First Presbyterian Church

…Your positive, can-do attitude, and willingness to take on any task – and then complete it expeditiously and expertly! – is impressive.   (Penny Allen)

…I remember the way you always seemed to enjoy leading the children’s worship and did it with such great imagination..,..I’ve enjoyed these years of great friendship with you, Rosemary.  There are so many different things we have done together, and I may even have learned a thing or two in the bargain!  (Kathy Hubbard)

I remember on one occasion, I made Rock Cornish Game Hens with Wild Rice stuffing.  You had a taste and immediately had to have the recipe.  I was surprised because the recipe called for Bourbon, and Al’s mother (also a minister’s wife) would never use any alcohol in cooking!   (Giny Krug)

I thank you for the many memories and gifts you have shared….the times I stayed overnight midway to Gold Beach signing my name in the journal of friends as I entered.  I remember you fondly and in awe of what was a very rich life – one of service to so many.  (Ruth VanderBurgh)

You have been such a good friend and mentor…always with a cheery attitude even under the most challenging of times and circumstances!  I remember all those women’s retreats we all went to and listening to your many stories while you were steadily knitting projects….you even tried to help me learn to knit even though I was completely useless to the task. You are the best kind of spiritual inspiration, someone who walks in your faith without being ostentatious.  (Charlotte Pierce)

I always remember how your face lights up when you tell people about Bob building your camper and your family’s camping adventures!  (George Neason)

Rosemary and I would travel together to PWC meetings and share insights, pondering how and what we could bring back to our small church.  (I could always count on waiting for her at the end of those gatherings, as it seemed that everone there knew Rosemary McLean and had to share news with her before they left for home!)  ….. We know that above all else, what makes Rosemary such a special human being, is her strong faith.  This closeness to her Creator radiates in all she does.    (Donna Young)

Looking at Rosemary one can get a sense of life spent serving the Lord.  She is the epitome of grace and serenity – wonderful traits.  Just looking at her makes me feel joyful.  (Kathy Doss)

With her kind, humble, thoughtful, and positive attitude, Rosemary has a way of boosting up those around her…Our church would not be the same without the influence of Rosemary, a true loving, caring Christian woman who has touched many lives.  (Amy Moss Strong)

I had heard the name, Rosemary McLean, long before I knew who she was.  Women in my previous church who belonged to Church Women United often spoke of Rosemary.  She seemed to be a ‘saint’ in their eyes.  So it was with anticipation that I looked forward to meeting her and attaching her name to a face! ….When my husband and I began attending First Presbyterian in Bandon a few years ago, one of the first people to greet us was Rosemary!  I was thrilled to meet her at last…..It’s an honor to know Rosemary and I hope to be like her when I grow up!  (Pauline Brown)

I have never thought I wished to live to my 9th decade, but I will be happy to do so if I can accomplish it as graciously and well as you, my dear friend and role model!  (Bobbi Neason)

You have always been the one person that seemed to know just what to do and how to do it…..your vast knowledge was overwhelming and it may not have been acknowledged all of the time, but we sure knew who to ask when we had a problem!  (Jack and Vera) 

Over the years, I have seen first-hand Rosemary’s love for God and the church family, and her willingness to serve in any way possible, showing me I could try a little harder and do a little better!  (Nattie Ingram)

I love the sparkle in your eyes, Rosemary, when you are about to make a wry comment or a joke.  In many a discussion you sit quietly listening (and knitting) until you make a salient point that makes us all smile and rethink.  (Jean Stephenson)

Rosemary’s beautiful home was always open to visit for consultations, just a visit, or find respite.  I think of her not just as a friend but ‘second mom’.  (John Hubbard)

It has been a blessing having you as a neighbor these past years….a reliable neighbor with whome we could go to chimes, who was willing to help pump up our bike tires, and from whom we could even borrow a surfboard!  (Strider Kachelein)

Rosemary, you are our respected senior!   (Barbara Dodrill)

Rosemary, you were so right in that Trienniel Gathering is a unique and wonderful experience.  I have fond memories…and will also associate the game of ‘Quiddler’ with that trip and our time together with your daughter.  (Marjene MacIntyre)

Rosemary, I celebrate your indomitable spirit and smile!   (Carol Doty)

Rosemary!  You represent our church in one energetic package with your love, compassion, godliness, knowledge, devotion, service, responsibility, friendship, tireless worker, organizer, and more!  All with a sense of calm and peace!  (Connie Thrush)

You are a near perfect template for a servant of Christ and the church – capable of so many things and always willing.  You are an inspiration to so many of us.  (Al Stephenson)

From Day 1 on Sandpiper, you’ve always been my Bandon Mom.  Thank you for opening your heart and home to me.  (Ginny Hall)

You are a shining light to First Presbyterian!  Your years sitting under the stained glass windows is testament to your faith, friendship, inspiration and service.  (Sandi Schwarm)

It is just ‘cool’ to know someone with personal family ties back to the beginning of our church!  (Larry-Linda Roberts)

Sabra’s Note to Mom (in its entirety)….
How do I start a letter of appreciation to you, one of the most important people to enter my life?  I am truly blessed that Mark found this little beach house next door to you 13 years ago (that we were only going to live in for 6 months!).  We met shortly after my mom had passed and every time I saw you I would think of her and picture how she might be faring if she were still alive in comparison to how you were doing since she was a year older than you.  It was comforting to me that you were next door, sort of like having my mom there. 
Introducing us to the church was another blessing because of you.  I know I wasn’t sure when you first invited me, but a year or so later when we finally came it was the best decision for our family.  We have met so many wonderful people there and they have truly added to our time in Bandon,.  If not for your getting us to come to church I wouldn’t have all the volunteering opportunities that I have now, Good Neighbors, EAT, and church involvement.  We wouldn’t have met the people that led us to join in with the theater – even my and Strider’s involvement with Marlo dance was perpetuated because of friends from church.  So Rosemary, we thank you for all of those things too. 
I also want you to know how much I Have come to love your family too and am so happy to feel a part of it when all my family is so far away.  Ginger and Rick (Luke and Jed who I feel I know better than your other grandkids), Liz, Margaret, and Mac are always so much fun to see when they’re here.  What a wonderful family you have! 
I’m so glad we’ve become good friends.  I love knitting and sewing with you, seeing each other’s projects, sharing baked treats, playing games (although we don’t do that enough), going to chimes together, sharing coffee hours, going to Coos Bay, and just being there for each other.  As I’ve said many times over, ‘I depend on you probably more than you depend on me!’
Your outlook on life and your ability to find the positive in everyone is a lesson for us all to learn.  I don’t think I have ever heard you say a negative thing about anyone and I can only hope to strive to attain a portion of this quality. 
No matter where we might move you will always be my neighbor and friend. 
Love, Sabra and Mark