Monday, August 31, 2015


THURSDAY, August 6
Baker City to Bandon

          So, I honestly thought my next post here would be the narration of our backpack trip along the Elkhorn Crest Trail on August 6-8.  We were scheduled to leave for Bandon on the 10th, stopping at Liz's for dinner and then spending the night and Tuesday morning with Jed.  However....Mom got sick.  As I made the decision to head to Bandon sooner, I received the text that Jed was sick.  Confirmation we needed to skip the backpack!  I should have taken a picture of my ready backpack before I took everything out and moved it back downstairs. Just a little sad.  But...within 2 1/2 hours of our decision, we were on the road to Bandon! 
          This did not end up being one of our faster drives.  We ran into road construction as early as Phillips Lake - 15 minute delay.  Then again right after Picture Gorge - 10 minute stop.  More construction slowdown between Prineville and Redmond.  But...we made it, pulling into Bandon just before 8pm.  We stopped first at Price and Pride to pick up disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer!
          Entered the house to find both 'sickies' in their respective chairs.  Jed was still running a fever.  Neither had eaten much all day.  I scurried about wiping down surfaces, doorknobs, lightswitches, etc.  Got Mom's bed changed, some spots on the floor cleaned up, etc.  Glad we had come.  

FRIDAY, August 7
Whale 'bones' in entry to
Washed Ashore

           Jed woke up today feeling much better.  Fever broke during night and he ate a little progressively during the day.  Mom is beginning to stabilize, now to get some fluids into her!  Jed and I took a short walk on the beach around noon, but only down around Tunnel Rock as the wind was blowing cold on my ears!  We did head downtown in the afternoon to check out the Farmer's Market and Washed Ashore, the recycled art gallery.  
Recycled starfish sculpture
           Washed Ashore was pretty cool.  Bandon is homebase, but there are now traveling exhibits, currently at the SeaWorld locations.  The non profit is four years old and has created over 40 large scale ocean themed sculptures.  The artist who created the project designed sealife sculptures from natural materials previously before turning to the plastic waste littering our beaches.  I just found it fascinating to see what they were doing, potentially figuring on ways to perhaps bring the concept to a Crossroads class.  
Penguin...toilet seats in front! 

          We picked up some clam chowder for dinner, along with a loaf of 'Tuscan' bread from the Farmer's Market.  Skipped going through the veggies at the time, which we regretted since they weren't back on Saturday!  
          Played a couple of games Friday night - it would have been a shame if everyone was too sick to play at least once!!  Jed pulled out Murder with Crows which Grandma proceeded to win twice without ever figuring out how to play!  Alas!  I was victorious in Quiddler and Spite 'n' Malice, however!  

SATURDAY, August 8
A lake has formed near Face Rock Point!  
Sea gulls
I found a miniature star fish! 

           Lazy morning.  Rick was the go-between with text messages from Katy to arrange a pickup for Eth at Cracker Creek Summit with Bob M and Dale.  Her blisters were too bad for her to continue.   Jed left around noon to head back up to Salem.  He is so excited it is fun to watch!  Walk on beach, going clear down past Coquille Point.  Beautiful afternoon on beach - lots of families out enjoying the sunshine and lack of wind!  
           Stir Fry for dinner - Rick and I went back down to Market.  Bought the windmill for front yard!  
From sand dune right in front of Moms....toward Face Rock and Cat and Kittens

SUNDAY, August 9 

           Church, walk on beach with Rick down to Coquille Point and back, then conversation with Luke after which I got sick!  Rest of evening spent in bed finishing my book.   

MONDAY, August 10

           Feeling better this morning, but a little stiff and sore from my 'bout in the bathroom'!  Lounged around all morning, but went into town in afternoon with Mom to take her to a meeting, during which I went to postoffice, grocery store, and picked up some new playing cards.  Mom and I played SnM after dinner and I got the first of the nativity stables put together.  No walk today.  :(
I went over to Sabra's and asked if she had any sourdough starter.  In luck...she hands me a buttercontainer with some she was given last November.  Hmmm....this could take a few days to 'revive'!  
"Habitat house" near Coquille Point

TUESDAY, August 11
First time to see a hang glider on beach.

           Nothing too exciting!  Ventured into town this morning with Mom to run a few errands while Rick began work to patch the wall in the dining room (water damage).  A beach walk down to Coquille Point and back later, blueberry pancakes for dinner, and then more games!!  

WEDNESDAY, August 12
I found a real size starfish today! 
Walk today clear down to the jetty and back!  Just short of 5 miles. 
Proof I made it! 

THURSDAY, August 13
          Wow!  We have honest plans to DO something today!  Heading up to Coos Bay early for Mom's eye doctor appointment.  Then trips to BiMart and Fred Meyers and a visit to the Thai Restaurant in downtown Coos Bay.  Home by 2pm .  I finally decided the sourdough starter was in good enough shape to begin baking!  A batch of bread came out of the oven just after dinner time, but still warm enough to share a loaf with Sabra and family.  
           I finished up the last of the NP construction on the stables today and can now put that project away!  

FRIDAY, August 14 
Sunshine trying to glow through the clouds.

         Up early because the lowest tide is now in the mornings!  I put a batch of bread going and headed down to the beach.  We had rain last night and even a thunderstorm. The beach was quiet and lonely - only one other person encountered.  Dark and dreary.    I made it down near the Sunset Motel on the beach - a good low tide - when the roll of thunder echoed in the clouds.  A good south wind blowing and I didn't want to walk into the wind AND rain, so headed back.  The rain never came.  Made the bread into 12 poorboy rolls I can take to the picnic Sunday at Bullard's Beach (church).  
          Mom and I went to the Farmer's Market, Cranberry shop, grocery store, and fish market.  Whew.  Salmon for dinner with corn on cob and roasted zucchini/onions.  Sourdough bread with watermelon for dessert.  Mom and I played more games.  Mom is on a winning streak in Spite and Malice, but I have won most of the Quiddler games.  Probably because I keep using the Scrabble App on my phone for help!  
          Made two batches of cinnamon rolls this afternoon.  Some for Sabra, Mark, and Strider, some for us, some for Jed, some for Mac and Liz, and some for Mom's freezer!  All packaged in fours. 
Working at Washed Ashore
          Oh!  Highlight of the afternoon.  A 4pm I went downtown to Washed Ashore and participated in one of the workshops to make stuff out of the 'garbage'.  I spent my time at a table assembling 'waves' - wiring strips of blue buckets onto mesh, along with shiny aluminum can tops and blue and white basket parts.  Many parts of the sculptures are assembled in pieces which are then screwed onto a framework.  Visited with a family from Portland while we worked.  It was interesting.   
Another Reclaimed Trash Sculpture

SATURDAY, August 15

          A magical morning down on the beach.  The sky was clear (at the start) and the sun shining.  I went around the end of Coquille Point and out along the rocks to the west.  It was a -.5 tide so pretty good.  
  This morning Rick and I went blueberry picking at Twin Creek Ranch.  Young plants, so low to the ground, but abundant berries and big!  We ended up with 18 pounds worth and $37!  Yummy!  Will take some home, some for Jed, some for Mom, some for Liz and Mac!  
          A little yard work, wrote newsletter articles, and enjoyed the beauty of the afternoon while I read the fire reports from Baker City.  I feel so guilty sitting here in clear ocean air while home is struggling with smokey skies and fires within 8 miles of town.  
          We headed out to dinner tonight - a visit to the Italian restaurant down in Old Town.  Enjoyed the musical talents of a violinists and guitar player.  
Mom and I at Italian Restaurant

SUNDAY, August 16
              This morning was a low tide at 8am, and especially with church later I took advantage of another good walk on the beach.  Clear skies meant no reflections in the sand, but it was still gorgeous!  
I loved the face this mussel shell
made with its barnacle eyes.  
          Otherwise not too much exciting today, but we did worship out at Bullard's Beach and then a potluck followed.  It was sunny but cool!  Quick walk on the beach in the afternoon and we finished up jobs for mom!  

MONDAY, August 17
Bandon to Salem

          Away around 7:30 this morning to head north to Salem and a visit with Jed!  Since I got a text response from him indicating he wouldn't be free until noon, Rick and I took the scenic route over Hwy 136 which cut north from Florence (inland a bit) and then up to Junction City.  We went through Triangle Lake!  A great route, and we didn't hit the freeway for one mile of it!  
          Met Jed at his apartment complex shortly after noon, chatted a bit, and then out to grab some dinner/lunch at V.....  An eclectic place that Luke and Jed found on moving day!  Good meal.  
          Then a tour of Willamette!  Jed dropped a few things off at his office in the science building, we saw his classroom, the labs, etc.  And then all over - the botanical gardens, old buildings, new buildings.  We stopped at the bookstore and picked up some Willamette 'stuff' on the sale table!  Gotta support a new D3 school!  Especially one that hired Jed!  
          Games and conversation rounds out the evening.  Rick and I crash on Jed's floor, Rick with the backpacking pad (marginal) and I on the pad from the big round chair.

TUESDAY, August 18
Salem to Portland to Baker City
            Up and away from Jed's around 8:15 and found smooth sailing despite morning traffic up to Liz's in West Linn.  We enjoy a two hour visit with Dave and Mac, plus the blackberry pie that Mac had made for us!  (Rick will eat pie ANY time of the day!)  

            Back on the road toward Baker City by 11:30 - have to get home in time for a meeting.  We are greeted the whole way with smokey skies rolling in from Washington and Oregon.  What a mess!  Smooth trip.  

Pictures from last two days will have to come later as they are on the desktop computer at home.  I am finally getting this blogpost finished two weeks later from Montana!  Oops!