Saturday, August 14, 2010

Impromptu Get Away to Anthony Lakes

Wild Onions at Black Lake

Friday - Saturday, August 13-14
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Rick and I decided to take off for the night and run away to Anthony Lakes.  Luke and Jack were tied up with tennis clinic and a tournament on Saturday.  So Rick packed up the tent trailer and some food while I got a few things checked off my list, and we left at 1 pm for Anthony Lakes.  The road construction is closed on Friday through Sunday, so no delays during weekends!  

It is a beautiful day in the 80's and sunshine!  We pull into Anthony campground and find the group overflow site reserved and nearly ALL the sites in the regular campground taken, or unsuitable for the tent trailer!  Wow!  Mud Lake Campground is now a group only site, so we head up the hill to Grande Ronde Lake.  We haven't been in there for ages.  

Sign warns that the road is "not suitable for passenger cars" but we go anyway and other than a few rocks here and there, it is fine!  As we are pulling in, the park host passes us and says "The site at the end is empty and a beautiful spot, but I warn you that a large group of boys will be camped near you.  But there are adults too, so they shouldn't be too loud!"  We decide to take our chances because the site is great.  

Red Columbine
We get all set up.  A huge meadow separates us from the shallow lake.  We are in the trees right at the edge of the meadow.  A gurgling brook flows next to us.  The meadow is filled with blue gentians, Rick's favorite late season flower.  

We drive back down to Anthony Lake, and take a short hour and half hike up to Black Lake.  Wildflowers are still out, although the lupine is nearly past and all the heather has died off.  We hike around the lake.  Enroute back we visit Lilypad Lake and the abundance of water lilies covering the surface.  Finish the lap around Anthony and back to the car.  

Back at camp we both set our chairs up along the edge of the meadow in the sunshine.  A cool breeze is blowing so the sun feels good!  Time to read, work puzzles, and listen to the osprey and the brook!  

Dinner is a random blend of pretzels, peanuts, carrots, a hunk of cheese and a bottle of wine.  Nice!  We have a wonderful fire and after dark I amuse myself taking sparks pictures - they looked like fireworks going off!  

We go to bed early and set the watch to waken just before midnight.  Tonight is still a good time to watch the Perseid Meteor shower with peak activity between midnight and two am.  The meteors should be in the NE sky and that is exactly the direction you look from the meadow toward the lake.  

I get up at 11:45 and set up a chair at the edge of the meadow with my sleeping bag over me.  Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in the number and size of the meteors I saw - only 12 in the hour I sat out in the dark.  However, the clear skies and the vast array of stars and the Milky Way was awesome in its own right!  I went back to bed at 1am when I realized how wet from the dew the sleeping bag was getting!  (Rick bailed out on the viewing....saying he was so warm and snuggly in his bed!  :)

What a gorgeous spot to fish!
Up in the morning to seek the sun and read a little.  Enjoyed a little coffee and breakfast of bagels and hard boiled eggs!  

We decided to break camp and head down the mountain to Van Patten trailhead and the hike up to the lake for a little fishing.  Took me an hour to get up the steep trail (1.5 miles), but we spent a beautiful 2 1/2 hours at the lake....Rick fishing (caught 5 small ones which he threw back) and I relaxed in the sun reading and finishing the Soduku Monster from Sunday's paper.  Osprey flying and diving.  Beautiful.     (I can't help but mention also that I had to cut a fishing lure from the back of Rick's pants as he snagged himself!)

Home by 3pm refreshed and ready to roll!  

Monday, August 9, 2010


Sunday, August 8

Steubenville, OH: Robin’s home

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The house was full last night! Three air beds downstairs, plus Rod and Chasey on the couches. Meg slept on the floor in the sewing room. Technically I think Grandma has been sleeping in Megan’s old bedroom, and Rick and I are in Matt’s bedroom downstairs. The basement crew was up late Saturday night, hence, a bit slow in rising today!

Morning spent taking walks, preparing the fixings for today’s meal, reading papers, etc. In general – nothing too exciting! The weather forebodes a warm one as the air is already muggy. I spent down “church time” at the swing near the pond – a beautiful setting and still in the shade in the morning hours!

Tom and Betty are arriving just as Karen, Megan, and I leave for the grocery store to pick up the deli trays. Luke also needs me to pick up some Alkaselzter Plus as he is having some major allergy problems the past few days. Grandma has been making drug recommendations, Robin gave him something, etc. We should have asked Meg – she’s the pharmacist! Unfortunately, it’s been developing also into a sinus headache.

When we get back, Randy, Patty, and Rachael have arrived and the games get into full swing. For most of the afternoon (around the food time), Jed, Luke, Rachael, Matt, Chasey and either Rod or I were downstairs with a board game or outside with home run derby or croquet. Outside was limited as it was HOT and HUMID! Sorry, Buzz Word, Oregon Trail, UNO, and Trivial Pursuit downstairs. (Just for the record: Chasey won Sorry, Boys’ team won Buzz word, Ginger won UNO, we all LOST Oregon Trail, and the Girls’ team of Ginger, Chasey, and Rachael won Trivial Pursuit. We owe our victory to Chasey who is an awesome dice roller! (Beating Patty and Rod, no less! Rod is a formidable opponent of sports and history trivia!)

We ate around 2:30 and Tad and Edwina arrived just in time! Tom and Betty have the motor home parked in the driveway and their new puppy Jake, an English setter. (CUTE!) Tad and Edwina have their pug, Sofie. The dogs provide late afternoon entertainment on the vast lawn!

At 5:30 we surprise Mom with a large cake and an 80th birthday celebration. We are a week early (her birthday is on the 14th) but everyone is here now! Cake, ice cream, and peanut butter pie on the menu! Wow!

Group pictures follow, as Matt and Megan must leave to return to Pittsburgh and get Matt on the plane for an 8:30 flight to Chicago. While we wait for Rod to return from a walk with Sadie, Jed, Luke, Rachael, and Chasey take “Air Pictures” out on the lawn. I have a few on my camera, but none of the group ones. Jed will have to post those! Tad and Edwina leave later, and at the conclusion of the Trivial Pursuit game, Randy, Patty, & Rachael head back up to her mom’s, taking Rod and Chasey back to Greenville on the way. Basement suddenly seems so QUIET!

I stayed up way too late playing cribbage and Quiddler with Jed and Luke while we watched the championship match of one of the US Open tennis series tourneys. Rob receives the Tennis Channel which makes tennis viewing easy on the big screen downstairs!

All in all, a good day of family time. I realized Jed and Luke have had a tremendous year of renewing ties with cousins on both sides of the family. With the aid of Facebook, we shall keep it going! Thanks to Rob and Karen for all their prep work and hospitality in having everyone here in Steubenville. (We were thankful we were at an air conditioned home today!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Saturday, August 7

Greenville, PA

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We are up early to prepare for an 8 am departure for Greenville. Matt arrived yesterday afternoon, flying in from Chicago. The basement is beginning to fill up, but we will have 3 more staying here tonight!

On the road shortly after 8. Karen drives one car with Mom, Luke, and Matt. Rob drives the second with Rick, Jed, and myself. It is a pretty drive, passing huge mills on the river, small little villages nestled in the hills, and acres and acres of corn fields and other vegetables. Everything is so green when you come east in the summer, compared to our sunbaked, NONhumid, west. The weather today is atypical and delightful! Highs are forecast in the 70’s low 80’s and the humidity is down.

Greenville Presbyterian Church is celebrating its 180th year of worship in this community. A very prominent, old stone structure with beautiful stained glass windows and large classrooms downstairs. We quickly set up the urn, move flowers, and figure out where Luke and I will stand to sing. I set up the computer downstairs with pictures of Pop set to scroll for the next three hours!

Family in attendance: Tom (Mom’s brother) and Betty from North Carolina, Edwina (Mom’s sister), and Tad from Pittsburgh, their daughter Susie from Washington DC, Randy, Patty, and Rachael from New Mexico, Rod from Greenville, Rod’s daughter Denise and her three children, Kevin, Kyle, and Chasey from Greenville, Rob, Karen, Matt (Chicago) and Megan (Pittsburgh), and the four of us from Oregon. A highlight for Mom was also her long time friend, Eleanor Mackenzie, who was down from Canada!

Rick, Rod, and Randy greeted many guests as they arrived, Rick grateful for Rod’s extensive knowledge of everyone who arrived – faces Rick hadn’t seen in years! Mom was able to visit with many prior to the service and the rest afterwards!

The service went well. The three grandsons each read two scriptures, Luke and I sang the song, “When All Is Said and Done” by Tyrone Wells. Thank you, God, for the strength to sing inspite of the circumstances! Rick shared memories of Pop and read the obituary. The pastor concluded with comments and reflections.

We were downstairs from about noon until 2 pm visiting. Denise and the boys had to leave so Denise could catch a little sleep before going to work. Chasey and Rod will be coming on down to Steubenville tonight.

We load some flowers and two trays of cookies into the cars and parade about 30 miles southeast to Jackson Center, where the Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located. This is the Robson family cemetery and we explore many gravesites from the family of Ralph T. Robson. (Mom’s father) We are about a half hour early, so plenty of time to explore while waiting for the minister to arrive. (Altho the sun is warm and we begin to gather in the shade of the trees circling the area).

The committal service is short yet moving. The headstone is beautiful and we leave the spray of flowers from the church on top after the grass is replaced. Rick carried the urn out from the car and Randy placed it in the hole at the appropriate time. I wish I had thought ahead to have a few momentos to toss in with the urn: Little Debbies, Werther’s, maybe a piece of music........ memories of Pop.

We drove down the road a short piece to the Yellowcreek Inn. A good, family style restaurant. We have reserved a long table right in the center of the place and enjoy a nice meal.

Susie is the only family member who will not be down at Robin's tomorrow. She has to return to DC for a Monday morning meeting. Tom and Betty will be coming down in the RV from the campground they are in at Mercer, Tad and Edwina driving back over from Pittsburgh.

Just under 2 hours finds us back in Steubenville and evening spent visiting, eating cookies and drinking wine! Home run derby on the lawn, croquet, and a little hot tub action.

More family time to anticipate and celebrate on Sunday ahead!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Friday morning, Steubenville
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Highlight for yesterday was a trip to the Pirates new ball field and a game with the Colorado Rockies! Even more amazing.....the Pirates won the game 5-1! (Distressingly with a new pitcher they acquired from the Dodgers!)
After a quiet morning sitting on the screen porch at Rob's and visiting, we decided at noon time that Thursday would be the best day to attend a Pirates game if we were going to go. Monday no game is scheduled, so no chance then. We go online with Karen and order five tickets. Mom and Karen are going to meet Meg this afternoon to pick up the guitar and get Mom some new shoes. Rob is going to the game with us.
Karen and I spend the afternoon going through photo albums to scan more pictures of Pop and the kids into the slide show. We find about 40 more - makes me feel better that it won't JUST be pictures of Jed and Luke! Hopefully I will get some today or tomorrow morning from Randy.
We take off for Pittsburgh shortly after 5. The skies are clearing, and it isn't TOO hot and muggy! The papers today were still filled with news of the storm yesterday - most of the damage was centered about 40 miles south of here.
Through the Fort Pitt tunnel and the view suddenly opens to the whole cityscape of Pittsburgh and the three rivers. Pittsburgh is a pretty city, especially at night. We can see the little cars of the Incline to our right and I spy my favorite Pittsburgh tower which looks like a castle! Rob has a parking lot in mind - a tire store that opens up the lot on game days for $5 parking. We find a spot and then walk a short distance to the Roberto Clemente bridge. They close the bridge on game days to traffic and open it only to pedestrians crossing over to the stadium on the other side.
Enroute we pass a 2008 sculpture created from miniature bridges in the "transformer" fashion. It is pretty cool and a great example of public art! VIEW
We have great seats along the first base line and in the lower deck. Sun is behind us so we are also in the shade! PNC Stadium is relatively new and beautifully intimate! The skyline is just beyond the outfield fences and the river. The hedge in center field is cut to spell out Pirates. Surrounding the upper deck is a large LED screen that encircles the stadium. There are many fun promotions, games, etc. run during the inning breaks. A fun time! Rick purchased a Philly Steak sandwich, but was disappointed in the flavor. :( It was a little bland, which is a lot for me to say!
Fun ballgame with plenty of hitting on the part of the Pirates! A couple of home runs, doubles, and action! Lots of strikeouts for our pitcher.
Home around 11 to clear starry skies (which quickly produced a heavy rain storm around midnight!)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thursday morning, August 5

Robin & Karen’s home, Steubenville, Ohio

Well, our “Rembolds on the Road” turned into “Rembolds in the Air” for this part of the summer! We left Baker City Tuesday afternoon to drive down to Boise, Idaho and spent the night at the Sleep Inn next to the airport. Dinner at the Mongolian Grill and then back to the hotel as it was mid 90’s outside! We will be able to leave the car parked at the hotel for the week we are gone.

Up at 4am for a 4:40 shuttle to the airport and a 6am departure! Smooth sailing into Denver, although Jed has to sit separately because we didn’t book the flight together. He doesn’t mind! Luke and I play two games of Cribbage enroute, one of which I SHOULD have won if I hadn’t missed 8 points!

We had a two hour layover in Denver, which Rick and I spent walking around and the boys played a game on the computer. We got sandwiches at Quizno’s as the lunch provided on the plane is for first class customers only!

Jed chooses to sit separately again because he plans to sleep for this 3 hour flight! Luke and I work on puzzles which Rick reads the paper. Then a nap for Rick and two more games of cribbage for Luke and me. The three hours seems to go fairly quickly and uneventfully.

We arrive in Pittsburgh right on time and evidently JUST IN TIME! As we leave the airport with Rob, the storm begins to hit. We drive right into one of the strongest thunder and lightning storms I have seen in some time! Strong winds, HEAVY rain, and lightning bolts all over the place! Wow! A good thing we weren’t trying to land in Pittsburgh at 4 pm instead of 3 pm – we would be flying in circles above all this waiting to land!

We are all settled at Rob’s in the basement “apartment” – boys each have a blow up queen size mattress to sleep on and Rick and I have the guest room. Pretty posh! Karen has a great dinner ready and a quiet evening of visiting until a good sleep!

Rob and Karen's home sits on the top of a hill outside of town. There is only one home next to them and a vacant woodland on the other side. Acres of grassy area which is wonderful to run through barefoot, especially with the recent rain. About 8 years ago Karen developed a pond on the west side of the house. The perenniels have grown beautifully and it is a very tranquil spot now. Karen has a swing near it which overlooks the pond and the woodland below. About a dozen fish swimming around which she feeds when the fountain turns off. I am constantly reminded the plus side of the humidity - flowers grow profusely! You can sit on the screen porch facing north and the woodland below and watch critters cross the yard, fireflies, and wild turkeys!

As we read this morning's paper and about the widespread power outages from yesterday's storm, we say thank you again for a smooth flight and landing! And that Steubenville wasn't as hard hit. With all the family coming, a power outage right now would NOT be pleasant! Blessings on those who are without at the moment further south of us.

Thank you for family!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I forgot a few things in the previous post! Please find a link to view the pictures from Andrea and Dan's wedding on July 24 in Ontario, OR. VIEW


Saturday, July 17 to Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baker City, OR

Well, the Rembolds have actually been in town for over a week with limited traveling! Everyone has been coming to us instead!

Spent a busy weekend from the 16th to the 18th enjoying Baker’s Miner’s Jubilee celebration. Weather was hot which was hard on Mom (all of us actually!) but a fun time. We were able to actually participate in the Lion’s Club breakfast in the park rather than work at it!

Tuesday Rick and Luke went fishing up at Two Color and came home with a load of wood in the van. Wood gathering was more successful than fishing – they didn’t even get a bite!

Wednesday Rick and I drove down to Boise to pick up Jed flying in. Enjoyed a glorious sunset enroute. Thursday, Jed and Luke helped Erin Lair paint the outside of her house and Erin came over for dinner when they wrapped it up for the day.

Friday Rick and Jed went for a hike to the summit of Angel’s Peak up at Anthony Lakes basin. Grandma Mac and I stayed home so I could finish the sewing on a new shirt to take back east. Luke was down in Ontario for the evening for the rehearsal dinner for Andrea Conklin’s wedding.

Saturday we all headed down to Ontario during the afternoon – it was hot! Wedding at 6:30 in the Japanese Garden outside the cultural center. Reception inside. Luke did a wonderful job officiating the wedding (with a Spanish interpretor). A nice blend of traditional, modern, American, and Hispanic traditions. Process in to the traditional wedding march, recess dancing to the Mexican Hat dance! Bridesmaids all wore different color low-top Converse tennis shoes! A superb buffet from the restaurant where Dan is manager which catered the meal: prime rib and baked salmon, plus a molĂ© dish. Had a good chance for mom to visit with Midge, Trisha, Vicki, etc.

Sunday we were in charge of coffee hour fellowship at church. The triennium youth returned, so we invited Mike Braymen over for dinner so he could get a chance to visit with Jed while he was here.

Monday….Kady, Luke’s girlfriend, arrived around noon, having driven the 6 hours down from Republic in northern Washington. We promptly packed up the van and headed up to Anthony Lake for a picnic and hike! Picked up Sean Tomlinson, back from Afghanistan, on the way. The weather has turned thunderstormy, but we found some sunshine, parked Grandma Mac in a chair overlooking the lake, and took off for a short hike up to Hoffer Lakes to see all the wildflowers Rick and Jed reported from last week! Elephant heads, shooting stars, and lupine out in abundance in the meadow regions. We cooked hot dogs and made s’mores, Rick unsuccessfully went fishing, and we watching a lightning storm roll around us, but leaving very little rain. Mosquitoes were bad, but we used plenty of bug juice and didn’t get eaten up. Another glorious sunset coming home. View Anthony Lakes pictures

Tuesday Jack Ho arrived from Denver, Colorado. Rusty Munn joined us for dinner. Wednesday, Cherrie came by for lunch and a good visit with Mom. Kady left to return home. I can't keep track of who is here when right now!

So…..I said we didn’t travel much during the past week, but I guess it did include a trip to Boise, two trips to Ontario, backroads east to Eagle Creek, and two treks to Anthony Lakes! The Rembolds must still be “on the road”! And plenty of others were on the road to our house!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

McMinnville, Oregon and back to Baker City

Home from a two-part quick trip to Liz’s house in West Linn to drop Grandma Mac off for transport home and enjoyed a good visit with Liz, Dave, Gretchen, Shawn, and little Tucker! What a red-headed ball of fire! He loves his water! A lazy Saturday morning visiting, Rick taking a walk down by the river. We had lunch with Mom and Liz at the Linn City Pub – good place! Mom and Liz took off for Bandon and Rick and I for McMinnville. View Tucker Pictures

The second half of this trip was to attend the wedding of Ethan Barske and Lindsey Jorgansen at the Youngberg vineyard outside of McMinnville. Jed was a groomsman for the wedding and drove over on Thursday so he could attend the bachelor party, etc. We haven’t spoken with him since he left!

Shopping in Mac-town at Win-Co, Walmart, and Joanne’s Fabrics! Win-Co takes the longest because we have so many bags to fill with goodies! But I bought fabric for THREE new shirts at Joanne's! Also got dressed for the wedding at Joanne's.

Ethan and Lindsey’s wedding was held at the top of a hill overlooking the entire Yamhill Valley. Wow! The weather was perfect with sunshine and a light breeze. Clear skies. The music – a group of strings, probably Linfield grads from the music department! – was classic with a great blends of styles and genres – just what you would expect from music majors! “Chap” from the college performed the ceremony with a great deal of humor and personalization. Jed looked great, of course, but Lindsey stole the show with a bouquet of deep red roses that must have included at least 2-3 dozen. The dinner was classy, but not over much, and the cake was created from cupcakes decorated with a single fat raspberry! The wine flowed freely (it was at a vineyard, after all!) and we had to reluctantly shut ourselves off after a couple of glasses since we did have a late night drive ahead of us. Ethan’s parents presented them with a cutting from an ivy plant they had been given when they married 38 years ago. His brother Erik read a great poem in tribute to the new couple. We were glad we had gone. View Barske Wedding Pictures

Our drive home was smooth. I actually drove more than usual, escaping my evening sleepies for once! The half moon lit up the clear skies and it was a great night for a SAFE drive back to Baker. We arrived home around 2:45 am. G’night!!!