Friday, August 6, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Friday morning, Steubenville
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Highlight for yesterday was a trip to the Pirates new ball field and a game with the Colorado Rockies! Even more amazing.....the Pirates won the game 5-1! (Distressingly with a new pitcher they acquired from the Dodgers!)
After a quiet morning sitting on the screen porch at Rob's and visiting, we decided at noon time that Thursday would be the best day to attend a Pirates game if we were going to go. Monday no game is scheduled, so no chance then. We go online with Karen and order five tickets. Mom and Karen are going to meet Meg this afternoon to pick up the guitar and get Mom some new shoes. Rob is going to the game with us.
Karen and I spend the afternoon going through photo albums to scan more pictures of Pop and the kids into the slide show. We find about 40 more - makes me feel better that it won't JUST be pictures of Jed and Luke! Hopefully I will get some today or tomorrow morning from Randy.
We take off for Pittsburgh shortly after 5. The skies are clearing, and it isn't TOO hot and muggy! The papers today were still filled with news of the storm yesterday - most of the damage was centered about 40 miles south of here.
Through the Fort Pitt tunnel and the view suddenly opens to the whole cityscape of Pittsburgh and the three rivers. Pittsburgh is a pretty city, especially at night. We can see the little cars of the Incline to our right and I spy my favorite Pittsburgh tower which looks like a castle! Rob has a parking lot in mind - a tire store that opens up the lot on game days for $5 parking. We find a spot and then walk a short distance to the Roberto Clemente bridge. They close the bridge on game days to traffic and open it only to pedestrians crossing over to the stadium on the other side.
Enroute we pass a 2008 sculpture created from miniature bridges in the "transformer" fashion. It is pretty cool and a great example of public art! VIEW
We have great seats along the first base line and in the lower deck. Sun is behind us so we are also in the shade! PNC Stadium is relatively new and beautifully intimate! The skyline is just beyond the outfield fences and the river. The hedge in center field is cut to spell out Pirates. Surrounding the upper deck is a large LED screen that encircles the stadium. There are many fun promotions, games, etc. run during the inning breaks. A fun time! Rick purchased a Philly Steak sandwich, but was disappointed in the flavor. :( It was a little bland, which is a lot for me to say!
Fun ballgame with plenty of hitting on the part of the Pirates! A couple of home runs, doubles, and action! Lots of strikeouts for our pitcher.
Home around 11 to clear starry skies (which quickly produced a heavy rain storm around midnight!)

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