Monday, August 2, 2010


Saturday, July 17 to Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baker City, OR

Well, the Rembolds have actually been in town for over a week with limited traveling! Everyone has been coming to us instead!

Spent a busy weekend from the 16th to the 18th enjoying Baker’s Miner’s Jubilee celebration. Weather was hot which was hard on Mom (all of us actually!) but a fun time. We were able to actually participate in the Lion’s Club breakfast in the park rather than work at it!

Tuesday Rick and Luke went fishing up at Two Color and came home with a load of wood in the van. Wood gathering was more successful than fishing – they didn’t even get a bite!

Wednesday Rick and I drove down to Boise to pick up Jed flying in. Enjoyed a glorious sunset enroute. Thursday, Jed and Luke helped Erin Lair paint the outside of her house and Erin came over for dinner when they wrapped it up for the day.

Friday Rick and Jed went for a hike to the summit of Angel’s Peak up at Anthony Lakes basin. Grandma Mac and I stayed home so I could finish the sewing on a new shirt to take back east. Luke was down in Ontario for the evening for the rehearsal dinner for Andrea Conklin’s wedding.

Saturday we all headed down to Ontario during the afternoon – it was hot! Wedding at 6:30 in the Japanese Garden outside the cultural center. Reception inside. Luke did a wonderful job officiating the wedding (with a Spanish interpretor). A nice blend of traditional, modern, American, and Hispanic traditions. Process in to the traditional wedding march, recess dancing to the Mexican Hat dance! Bridesmaids all wore different color low-top Converse tennis shoes! A superb buffet from the restaurant where Dan is manager which catered the meal: prime rib and baked salmon, plus a molĂ© dish. Had a good chance for mom to visit with Midge, Trisha, Vicki, etc.

Sunday we were in charge of coffee hour fellowship at church. The triennium youth returned, so we invited Mike Braymen over for dinner so he could get a chance to visit with Jed while he was here.

Monday….Kady, Luke’s girlfriend, arrived around noon, having driven the 6 hours down from Republic in northern Washington. We promptly packed up the van and headed up to Anthony Lake for a picnic and hike! Picked up Sean Tomlinson, back from Afghanistan, on the way. The weather has turned thunderstormy, but we found some sunshine, parked Grandma Mac in a chair overlooking the lake, and took off for a short hike up to Hoffer Lakes to see all the wildflowers Rick and Jed reported from last week! Elephant heads, shooting stars, and lupine out in abundance in the meadow regions. We cooked hot dogs and made s’mores, Rick unsuccessfully went fishing, and we watching a lightning storm roll around us, but leaving very little rain. Mosquitoes were bad, but we used plenty of bug juice and didn’t get eaten up. Another glorious sunset coming home. View Anthony Lakes pictures

Tuesday Jack Ho arrived from Denver, Colorado. Rusty Munn joined us for dinner. Wednesday, Cherrie came by for lunch and a good visit with Mom. Kady left to return home. I can't keep track of who is here when right now!

So…..I said we didn’t travel much during the past week, but I guess it did include a trip to Boise, two trips to Ontario, backroads east to Eagle Creek, and two treks to Anthony Lakes! The Rembolds must still be “on the road”! And plenty of others were on the road to our house!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

McMinnville, Oregon and back to Baker City

Home from a two-part quick trip to Liz’s house in West Linn to drop Grandma Mac off for transport home and enjoyed a good visit with Liz, Dave, Gretchen, Shawn, and little Tucker! What a red-headed ball of fire! He loves his water! A lazy Saturday morning visiting, Rick taking a walk down by the river. We had lunch with Mom and Liz at the Linn City Pub – good place! Mom and Liz took off for Bandon and Rick and I for McMinnville. View Tucker Pictures

The second half of this trip was to attend the wedding of Ethan Barske and Lindsey Jorgansen at the Youngberg vineyard outside of McMinnville. Jed was a groomsman for the wedding and drove over on Thursday so he could attend the bachelor party, etc. We haven’t spoken with him since he left!

Shopping in Mac-town at Win-Co, Walmart, and Joanne’s Fabrics! Win-Co takes the longest because we have so many bags to fill with goodies! But I bought fabric for THREE new shirts at Joanne's! Also got dressed for the wedding at Joanne's.

Ethan and Lindsey’s wedding was held at the top of a hill overlooking the entire Yamhill Valley. Wow! The weather was perfect with sunshine and a light breeze. Clear skies. The music – a group of strings, probably Linfield grads from the music department! – was classic with a great blends of styles and genres – just what you would expect from music majors! “Chap” from the college performed the ceremony with a great deal of humor and personalization. Jed looked great, of course, but Lindsey stole the show with a bouquet of deep red roses that must have included at least 2-3 dozen. The dinner was classy, but not over much, and the cake was created from cupcakes decorated with a single fat raspberry! The wine flowed freely (it was at a vineyard, after all!) and we had to reluctantly shut ourselves off after a couple of glasses since we did have a late night drive ahead of us. Ethan’s parents presented them with a cutting from an ivy plant they had been given when they married 38 years ago. His brother Erik read a great poem in tribute to the new couple. We were glad we had gone. View Barske Wedding Pictures

Our drive home was smooth. I actually drove more than usual, escaping my evening sleepies for once! The half moon lit up the clear skies and it was a great night for a SAFE drive back to Baker. We arrived home around 2:45 am. G’night!!!

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