Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A Nativity example of Ginger's Scripture Scribbles

MERRY CHRISTMAS from sunny Northeastern Oregon! There’s about 3 foot of snow in the mountains, but here in the valley it is dry and cold.  We had snow before Thanksgiving, but it has since melted.  Which makes holiday travel much nicer!  Ging and I met Luke north of Bend, OR, for Thanksgiving in a yurt at Tumalo State Park.  Have microwave, will travel!  We had a great time.  In another week, Ging will drive to the Boise airport to pick up both Jed and her mother for the holidays. 
With Luke at our yurt for Thanksgiving
          Luke is spending this year on the Oregon coast in Newport.  No, he didn’t dry out during his YAV year in Tucson and require extensive rain to reconstitute (although he says it has seemed that way lately!) He has had a two year, long distance, relationship with a lovely young lady named Kady whom he met at Linfield.  She has an Americorp job in Newport, and they thought it might be nice to be in the same town for a change.  Luke is working part time at the local recreation center while volunteering with the Presbyterian youth group.  He is enjoying the coast while trying to discern the next step in his future. 
With Jed at Lake Isabelle in the Colorado Rockies
          Jed is in the process of writing his thesis for his doctorate.  He is still teaching labs and filming the moon when weather allows. He is looking to finish this summer.  Then…who knows?  A teaching job at a small liberal arts college is the goal.  Any openings for a physics prof, let him know!  He is enjoying family, friends, and volleyball in the central New Mexico area. 
          After a great deal of soul searching and prayer, Ginger resigned from her teaching job last June.  It was time to move on.  She is enjoying (too much!) her time volunteering at the library and food co-op, reading with elementary students, and working on the myriad of craft projects accumulated in the basement!  A new job will be teaching two classes at the community college this winter.  She is ever involved with the church, recently serving on the committee that found us a new pastor.  Artistically, she’s begun to publish her Scripture Scribble books!  Come March, she will be able to officially retire under the Oregon PERS system.  She’s a happy girl and now a lifetime Weight Watcher member! 
Fall hike in the Elkhorn Mts. 
          Meanwhile, Rick is almost half way through his 30th and final year of teaching.  I still enjoy the kids and colleagues, but Ging and I have fall and spring travels that we have been waiting to enjoy.  We had a great trip through the spine of Colorado last summer on our way to pick up Luke.  Many mountain passes and hikes in the thin air!  We think we would enjoy combining volunteer work and traveling.  So we are looking to get a trailer (more than our pop up!), hook it up to the truck and see some country.  Who knows?  We may be coming to an area near you in the future!  In the meantime, I keep busy with weekend hikes and snowshoe trips. 
          Have you noticed a common theme in our family?  None of us is exactly certain what the future holds!  A time of transition and change for us all, but we are healthy and excited to see where our journeys and God take us. 
Rembold family all dressed up for the
Christening banquet
The USNS Wm McLean launches!

A family highlight of the year was Ginger’s participation in the christening and launch of the USNS William McLean, a naval resupply ship named in honor of Ginger’s uncle.  The San Diego April gala included over 40 McLean family members from as far away as Connecticut and Alaska!  Jed picked up Luke in Tucson and made the drive from New Mexico.  What a reunion!  Ginger also joined her sister Margaret in August for the sea trials of the ship. 

          We think of all of you often.  We wish you peace, health, and happiness.  May God’s grace be with you as we celebrate the birth of his Son. 

Rick and Ginger

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