Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thursday morning, August 5

Robin & Karen’s home, Steubenville, Ohio

Well, our “Rembolds on the Road” turned into “Rembolds in the Air” for this part of the summer! We left Baker City Tuesday afternoon to drive down to Boise, Idaho and spent the night at the Sleep Inn next to the airport. Dinner at the Mongolian Grill and then back to the hotel as it was mid 90’s outside! We will be able to leave the car parked at the hotel for the week we are gone.

Up at 4am for a 4:40 shuttle to the airport and a 6am departure! Smooth sailing into Denver, although Jed has to sit separately because we didn’t book the flight together. He doesn’t mind! Luke and I play two games of Cribbage enroute, one of which I SHOULD have won if I hadn’t missed 8 points!

We had a two hour layover in Denver, which Rick and I spent walking around and the boys played a game on the computer. We got sandwiches at Quizno’s as the lunch provided on the plane is for first class customers only!

Jed chooses to sit separately again because he plans to sleep for this 3 hour flight! Luke and I work on puzzles which Rick reads the paper. Then a nap for Rick and two more games of cribbage for Luke and me. The three hours seems to go fairly quickly and uneventfully.

We arrive in Pittsburgh right on time and evidently JUST IN TIME! As we leave the airport with Rob, the storm begins to hit. We drive right into one of the strongest thunder and lightning storms I have seen in some time! Strong winds, HEAVY rain, and lightning bolts all over the place! Wow! A good thing we weren’t trying to land in Pittsburgh at 4 pm instead of 3 pm – we would be flying in circles above all this waiting to land!

We are all settled at Rob’s in the basement “apartment” – boys each have a blow up queen size mattress to sleep on and Rick and I have the guest room. Pretty posh! Karen has a great dinner ready and a quiet evening of visiting until a good sleep!

Rob and Karen's home sits on the top of a hill outside of town. There is only one home next to them and a vacant woodland on the other side. Acres of grassy area which is wonderful to run through barefoot, especially with the recent rain. About 8 years ago Karen developed a pond on the west side of the house. The perenniels have grown beautifully and it is a very tranquil spot now. Karen has a swing near it which overlooks the pond and the woodland below. About a dozen fish swimming around which she feeds when the fountain turns off. I am constantly reminded the plus side of the humidity - flowers grow profusely! You can sit on the screen porch facing north and the woodland below and watch critters cross the yard, fireflies, and wild turkeys!

As we read this morning's paper and about the widespread power outages from yesterday's storm, we say thank you again for a smooth flight and landing! And that Steubenville wasn't as hard hit. With all the family coming, a power outage right now would NOT be pleasant! Blessings on those who are without at the moment further south of us.

Thank you for family!

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