Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bandon on Saturday

Saturday morning - Bandon

It is a typical summer morning on the beach – the deck is damp, clouds are lingering, but you can see some blue sky out over the ocean. Hopefully the weather will clear up more and warm day will come so we can have a beach supper tonight!

Worked out in the yard yesterday to finish weeding some of Mom’s front bed, watered the new plants, Rick cleaned the pit and did some house repairs. Mom and I prepared all the items necessary for a Malayan dinner for when Lorrie, Ron, and Anna arrive later this afternoon. Highlight of the day was Margaret calling with a potential computer for Mom! And then later to say she was purchasing it! Hurray, hurray! It is a PC so no more Apple conflicts.

We had a wonderful walk on the beach with Ron, Lorrie, and Anna – tide was not really low so we barely got around the tip of Face Rock. Anna loves to gather special gems from the beach – she was looking for sand dollar pieces and “sea glass”. Fun time together and we will spend time again today with them.

In the middle of our fun last night, Rick received the phone call from his family that Pop had passed away. Later he called Luke and Jed to let them know. We’ll know more about the plans for the service in the days ahead. As Luke wrote on Facebook, “another trombone has joined the heavenly chorus”. God bless you, Pop.

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