Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gorham Butte Hike

So, this is really my test run for maintaining a spot on Blogger. Saturday (June 12) Rick wanted to go for a hike with Luke and I. Anthony seemed like it might be a tad bit snowy still, so we headed up to the top of Gorham Butte - at about the 6,000 foot level. The flowers were a little late, but we did find a north facing meadow filled with glacier lilies, patches of phlox, and masses of teeny tiny Maiden Mary blue-eyes. The most amazing wildlife was a huge colony of lady bugs - all nesting right at the top near the rock cairn. Luke showed me how to use my digital macro feature of our camera (we have the same camera!) Pretty neat. From the top you get a panorama view of Baker Valley, the Elkhorns, and the Wallowa Mountains to the east. You can look down on Pilcher Creek Reservoir. Luke built an inuksuk at the top. He really has this primitive rock sculpture down to a true art form! We selected as a site a rock outcropping so the inuksuk would really stand out - while a bit shaky of a foundation, it worked! Coming down off the butte, we discovered one little patch of morels growing right in the middle of the old logging road! I picked them all and carried them out in the fold of my t-shirt! The skies were blue, the sun was warm, and the windy was.....windy! It was blowing strong all day Saturday! Good time!
Addendum....well I learned one thing. Add image only adds ONE picture and it was the last one I clicked. picture of the three of us with the inuksuk. Maybe next time! But check out the lady bugs!

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