Wednesday, June 23, 2010

House Repairs!

Bandon, Oregon

Well, we’ve spent the past two days happily working on the list of house repairs and chores that Mom usually has ready for us. Car is all waxed and shiney, “armoraled” and vaccumed. We do ours at the same time, so the van is looking pretty too! The big job was new shelving in the kitchen pantry, with the idea of lowering the can good shelf so Mom doesn’t have to get up on the step stool all the time! That led to a good reorganization and cleaning out of some cupboards in the kitchen! Showers are getting cleaned and waxed, leaky spots on the exterior caulked, new water hoses on the washing machine, trimming done on shrubs and hedges and trees, flowers planted, and weeds pulled! Productive time, but nothing too major. Wrapped all that work up with some sockeye salmon, corn on the cob, and fresh broccoli for dinner last night! Yum!

Monday was absolutely gorgeous – one of those perfect coast days when I didn’t want to go inside to do any work at all! Sunny, clear, with a light not-too-cold wind.

Right now, early morning, the weather is misty and foggy – I can barely see the rocks down on the beach .Today we have a big trip up to Coos Bay planned! To Triple A for Alaska materials, to the Bandon Sanitary office to make a deposit on garbage pickup (hurray – no more trips to the dump for my Mom!), and the usual stop at Walmart or Bimart. Rick and I might look at picking up another two sleeping bags in case we end up camping out a couple nights on our trip up to Alaska. Something we can leave up there if necessary.

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