Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bandon Beach - Thursday

McLean House

Bandon, Oregon

I am sitting in the easy chair looking out through sunny, albeit windy, skies at the waves dancing and the tide going out. Maybe a walk will be in order later this evening. We have spent two days in resting, relaxing, and accomplishing a fair number of tasks on both our list and Mom’s: Rick has washed and waxed the cars, repaired a few things, and mounted some additional “safety” features. We’ve got Mom’s amended taxes done, checked the insurance, researched garbage pickup, and cleaned up a few things on her very frustrating and outdated computer. I realized yesterday that I left the power cord to the scanner in Baker, so I am simply viewing all my slides to decide which ones to scan. Mom has learned to play cribbage and we are into our third game. We went out to lunch today at the Thai Thai restaurant (yes, you put the word twice!), and will prepare a Malayan Dinner for Friday night when Ron, Lorrie, and Anna will be here! I have finished reading one book and begun another. Made two fresh loaves of sourdough bread yesterday. Goodness – this sounds like vacation at the beach! Hallelujah!

We do, however, keep close to the phone for word from Albuquerque concerning Rick’s dad. Pretty much all systems are shutting down and his passing could happen at any time. Almost feel guilty having a good time here.

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  1. Wait, you remembered how to play Cribbage well enough to teach someone else!!! That's amazing!!! :D