Tuesday, August 6, 2013

30th Anniversary

Our little cabin in the woods!  
July 9-11

As I seem to be writing all these journal/blog entries months after the fact, this will also be short and sweet! 

     Our official  30th anniversary celebration (eg the one where we spend money and time) will be in February when we journey to Hawaii for the first (and hopefully not ONLY) time, courtesy of our World-Mart reservation at the Kona resort!  Plane tickets are going to hurt, but…….you can’t take it with you and we don’t splurge very often! 
Reservations ready!
Beautiful dancing clouds in the
early morning on Wednesday. 
     So….our mini anniversary trip!  We booked two nights at the cabins at Emigrant Springs campground up near Meacham!!  Drove up Tuesday afternoon.  Evening meal was our traditional ‘fancy event on the road’ meal: fake crab, sourdough bread, gouda quality cheese, and a couple bottles of wine!!!  We took walks in the woods, relaxed and read….I started and finished a book in the two days! 
     Wednesday we drove down to Pendleton around noon to pick up the Presbytery t-shirts for Triennium for Luke and we ate dinner out at a Thai restaurant.  One fun part of the trip down was taking the old highway from Deadman’s Pass rest area down into Pendleton.  What a vista drive, although heading west would be the best way to take the road, especially on a clear day when you could see the mountains in the distance!  I would have pictures, but alas, the SD card was left in the laptop!  
Fireweed - one of the
flowers on the walk I
COULD identify!
Blue Mt. Fiddlers jammin' in the picnic area. 
     Wednesday evening we took a walk around the area, ending up in the picnic area parking and listening to the Blue Mountain fiddlers who are gathered for a music fest!  Fun to listen and watch for a little while!
     Back to Baker City at a leisurely pace on Thursday! 

View all the pictures HERE! 

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