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Classic Bandon View from below house.
June 13 to 24, 2013

       I am getting around to writing up our visit in Bandon rather 'after the fact'.  We arrived home again last evening, having driven from Bandon to the Portland airport, via a lunch stop with my sister Liz in West Linn, to pick Rick's Mom up there following her flight north from Albuquerque.  It saved her over $100 to fly into Portland rather than Boise, and as long as we were 'in the neighborhood', it made sense!  
Close up of one of the rainbows at 
north end of Baker Valley. 
     So...I'll finish the trip first!  The plane was about 15 minutes late, so I drew a scribble while I waited in the cell phone area, watching the incoming flights cruise right overhead.  Pickup made, quick stop at McDonalds in Troutdale for drinks, and we head east!  The gorge is cloudy, amazed at the number of additional wind turbines along the river, and a stop at the Stanfield Pilot for Subways and gas.  The blue Mountains were SO GREEN, with lush, thick grass throughout.  Gradually we were catching up to the rain storm, and at North Powder we drove right through it!  FOUR rainbows from the top of Ladd Canyon on down into Baker City!
One item on Mom's list was to
move her exercise bike out
from the Shop!
So, now.....the rest of the trip!  This will be scattered memories, perhaps not chronological.  I am mostly writing this up so I have the record of WHEN we went and a place to stash the pictures!

One of many....

July 4th....not getting to this very fast am I?  Now it will be VERY scattered memories!  

We had relaxing yet busy days on the coast.  Incredible sunsets nearly every night, a few stormy days of rain, and some gorgeous sunny days with little wind.  Walks on the shore, along Beach Loop Drive.  A trip up to CoosBay to do some major shopping, get Mom's car checked in regard to a recall, and visit the Myrtlewood Store.  Games played most evenings with Mom, rotating each night among Quiddler, Spite and Malice, and Cribbage.  It took Mom a few nights, but she got more comfortable playing Cribbage.  I ended up the victor in two, Mom in one.  Spite and Malice was VERY close - only a couple points separating us after 10 days of play.

Rick rebuilds the retaining wall.
    Rick rebuilt the retaining wall on the north side, I cleaned up junk on Mom's computer, printed off many of my devotion blogs which Mom put into a binder for 'safe keeping'.  (Moms are always our BEST supporters!)  I drew pictures every day, and eventually even got a few more drawn from the Missional Book.  We did a little weeding and trimming in the yard.  
I gave Mom a much needed
pedicure and eventually she
did her fingernails just to match!!


Did we GO anywhere besides Coos Bay?  Not really!  Mom and I checked out the new cheese factory.  It just opened back up early in May.  Beautiful new building.  We checked out the Farmer's Market being held every Friday and Saturday in the old fish processing plant down in Old Town.  Grocery stores...and of course, what seemed like a daily trip to the church!!  

I played chimes with the group Thursday night and again on Sunday the 23rd. They had missing people and needed the help.  
Some of our cribbage
games were REALLY close!
OK...this is extemely bad.  It is now July 13....I am simply going to attach a link to all the pictures and say.....I'm done!  

Click HERE to see Bandon pictures....lots of sunsets! 

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