Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Jed and Luke strike a pose in front
 of Gunsight Mt.
June 28 to July 8

     Jed flew back up to the Pacific NW just for a week to attend Becca Johnson’s wedding.  He flew into Seattle and caught a ride to Tri-City area with Ethan on Friday, June 28. Good time with Ethan, Lindsey, Becca, and college friends during the wedding weekend.  On Sunday, June 30, Rick drove up Becca’s to bring Jed back to Baker City.  

Monday, July 1.  We head up to Anthony Lakes for a picnic together.  Rick goes up early to do a little fishing, Grandma, Luke, Jed, and I after my doctor’s appointment in the morning. 
Jump pictures!! 
  Rick was successful in the fishing, lazily paddling around the lake in the raft.  Boys and I did a little swimming (it was quite warm in Baker City – high 90’s – so the water felt good!)  Boys spent most of their time on the far side of lake taking jump pictures!  They also had a wild game of Frisbee golf in the trees!
Rick and Mom eat lunch.  
           Monday night Rusty Munn and Annalea Kauth were over for dinner and then games!!  Our first game was a round of Frisbee golf out in the side yard!  


Tuesday, July 2.  Luke has to go to work.   But Rick, Jed, and I head up to the mountains for a hike.  Our destination is Pole Creek Trail on the west side of the Elkhorns out of Bourne and Cracker Creek area.  Rick has been up this trail once before.  It was STEEP and LONG!  Probably we noticed the climb more because it was quite hot today.  Much cooler when Rick climbed it before.     About a 1800’ foot climb to reach the Crest Trail, but it seemed relentless.  We only hiked about a half mile down the crest to a lunch view looking down into Eilertson Meadows and Rock Creek Lake.  We were bushed.  The wildflowers were just preparing to burst forth in color up on the crest.  Still a little early. 
On the crest trail overlooking Rock Creek basin
     I love getting on to the crest trail.  I just wouldn’t recommend the Pole Creek access again!  The Little Cracker access was steeper, but much shorter!!!  Hopefully that road has been improved!  But once on the crest trail, the hiking is easy and the vistas far-reaching!  Sooooo  pretty!!    And, as always, hiking is such a special time together with the sons!! 
     Nothing special this day.  Catching up on family time.  No youth group tonight, but Luke and Jed went out to the Lehmans to play a little sand volleyball with a crew out there! 

     Up and on the road from Baker City to Newport early Thursday morning.  Jed will fly out of Portland next Monday, having spent the weekend with Luke and Kady in Newport and Sunday night with Todd and Amy in McMinnville.  A good 10 days for him of family and close friends.  


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