Monday, April 2, 2012

Journey to the Cross - Day 35

LENT DAY 35 - Monday, April 2
Mark 14: 4-7    Caring for the Poor
"Some of the guests became furious among themselves.  'That's criminal!  A sheer waste!  This perfume could have been sold for well over a year's wages and handed to the poor.' ... But Jesus said, 'Let her alone. ...  You will have the poor with you every day for the rest of your lives....Not so with me. ... She did what she could when she could. ... What she just did is going to be talked about admiringly." (Portions from The Message)
     This was one of those special moments in time - what she could when she could - a unique situation of overflowing love.  Jesus knew he would soon be buried.  Did the woman know?  Was her love so in tune with Jesus that she had truly internalized his message and realized the events to come also?  A reckless act of love?  A sheer waste?  Perhaps.  But an act that we can remember and act upon ourselves.  How?  The poor are still with us!  We can now be reckless and extravagant, perhaps even wasteful, in our love for them in Christ's name.  Our unique moment in time might just be today - with what we have now.  What act of love can you perform for the marginalized in your community?  What perfume can you throw out in love?  What can I do today among MY community?  It will be an act of holiness, remembering Christ.  

Footnote:  I love to add little signs of God at work!  Today I COULD NOT remember the word "internalized".  I knew what I wanted, and I knew there was a word for it.  I picked up the dictionary to go through the multiple pages of IN- words and said, "Please God, don't make me go through ALL of these."  I read about one column, and then glanced to where my right hand was holding the section of pages.  Right there at the top was INTERNALIZE.  That's it!!  Thank you, God!  

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