Sunday, April 22, 2012

EARTH DAY 2012 - Planting Seeds

April 22, 2012
"God spoke, 'Earth, green up!  Grow all varieties of seed - bearing plants, every sort of fruit bearing tree!  And there it was."
 (Genesis 1:11   The Message)
     It's Earth Day and time to think Creation, Growth, Nature, Beauty, AND taking care of it all!  I love to "play God" at this time of year: to plant seeds, or impatiently watch for the first emergence of last fall's bulbs.  Winter is over!  Excitement!  Beauty! A rainbow of colors and textures!  Rainbows of God!  The artistry of God...the artist in each of us.
     God has planted seeds also, not just the seeds of Creation in Mother Earth which we celebrate today, but also seeds of faith in each of us.  Does God share the same excitement when those seeds take root, emerge, and begin to blossom?  I think...yes.   I think God celebrates with each new "shoot" or "leaf" just as we do when the crocus emerge.  God gets excited when his seeds grow!
     What seeds do we need to tend today in our personal gardens of faith?  What seeds will grow a faith that will erupt in beauty and purpose?  Seeds that will multiply and share God with those around us?
     Do I need to find the hose and do a little watering this morning?

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