Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bandon Spring Break Part B

Tuesday evening, March 27:
     Weather forecast for today was 100% chance of rain, high winds.  Guess what?  The weatherman was RIGHT!  It rained off and on all day, at times with gusto!  The wind blew off and on all day, at times with even more gusto!  At one point, the sun was trying to break through the clouds out over the ocean, and it was pouring down rain here at the house.  
     We drove today into Coos Bay for a grand day of shopping!  Mom had lists for several different places, but the main point of the trip was for a new washing machine.  Her 30 year old GE is on its last legs.  It sounds horrible.  So....$500 later, she will have a new Whirlpool washer delivered on Saturday and installed.  
     We tried out the EZ Thai Restaurant in Coos Bay for lunch.  Tuesday is Pad Thai specials for lunch day - only $5!!  However, business was brisk so the wait was a little long.  Mom and I ordered the special - Mild.  Rick had Pad Kee something Medium hot.  Well, when we finally got our order, I took one bite and said, "Rick, taste this, it is really hot and there are little red flecks everywhere! He took a couple bites and agreed, it was NOT mild.  In the meantime, Mom was across the table choking and coughing from her one bite!  We sent the meals back to the kitchen with a request for NOTHING - not even mild.  They had made a mistake.  Rick was finished by the time our meal came, but the second time around it was delicious!  Good thing!
     Otherwise, stops at BiMart, Dollar Tree, Fred Meyers, Office Supply, and Sears took up our day! Back to Bandon around 4:30. 
     Clam chowder and salad for dinner, plus the cherry pie Mom made this morning!  Tonight Mom and I worked downstairs in the basement on her quilt and my Crossroads art project.  Rick had a long talk with Jed on the phone while he was out filming.    No pictures today!  

Wednesday, March 28:  
     Wind and rain!  We squeezed a few outside chores in-between, but overall, today was a day to curl up inside and play games or complete inside jobs!  The storm rattled the windows and watered everything!  Rick took a walk down Beach Loop to the south (in one of the rare breaks) and was stopped by "high water" on the road about a mile south.  
     Mom and I worked much of the day on my Crossroads arts project, some cards, etc.  We enjoyed another salmon dinner (the choices at the fish market were not great, as long as we refused to purchase the halibut at 23 dollars a pound!)  But the salmon was just as tasty tonight!  
     No pictures from the past two days as the weather wasn't highly conducive to photography.  Unless you need countless pictures of Mom and me playing Spite and Malice and Quiddler.  (Note: Mom has killed me in S&M this week.  I am losing dismally.  But at least my scores in Quiddler have been overall victorious.)

Thursday am, March 29: 
     We are leaving today for Newport, and a short visit with Luke and Kady tonight before heading east tomorrow morning.  It promises to be a stormy and wild drive up the coast, but at least we will get good mileage - the wind is all from the south!  
     In spite of my worries, we traverse the Newport bridge just fine (I closed my eyes and was on the phone with Luke the whole time).  I hate that bridge in high winds.  We stopped to send a quick fax to the Honda people (struck out when we tried upon leaving Bandon at their library) and then to Luke's around 2:45.  
     Nice time visiting for a couple hours while Kady and I made some cards, and then we brave the wind and rain to head down to Nye Beach area and a new restaurant they wanted to try.  Fun time at a Hawaiian theme pizzeria, that also served food from all over.  I had black bean soup, Kady tacos, Luke a fish sandwich, and Rick some shrimp spicy stir fry.  Mostly we just chatted. 
     Back to the house and then Kady and I took off for her "office" to do her taxes!  Earlier I realized they would be easy to do and I could help her get them finished up.  She had never done them before.  Gave us a good visit while Rick and Luke had a good time to talk at the house (and watch basketball games!)  
    After a round of Quiddler, all in bed by 11.  We have a 7:30 departure time set!  

Friday, March 30: 
     Not much to say about the trip home.  Rick drove from Newport to Sisters in a steady hard downpour!  Heard later that Newport received 2 inches of rain on Friday!  We can believe it.  Rivers are swollen and angry.  
     I did manage to snap one picture going over Santiam, that shows the black spikes of trees on the snow - through the rain soaked windshield!  
     I drove from Sisters to Prairie City in a light rain or clear skies, mostly the latter!  We even saw some sunshine around Mitchell!  
     Hope around 4, in time to pick up our mail first!  

Sadly, I don't even have a picture of Mom Mac, Luke or Kady to add to this post!  Ouch!   


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