Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday: A Walk in the Woods & Music!

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Right: The Denali Mountain Boys!

Up to a beautiful sunshine morning! I even fell back asleep for abit, and then sat in the window couch in the sunlight. It felt good.

Dave got off for his 10 days in the field around 9:30 and at 10:15 or so Rick and I took off on a walk along the trails north of the campus. There is an immense network of trails through this area, including a couple of lakes. They are maintained during the winter for skiing, hiking, etc. (Different trails have different uses, so people won’t hike all over the classic ski trails.) Mostly a thick trail through the alder/birch forest. Opens out in a few places where tests gardens are in place. We ended up missing one turnoff, so our “walk in the woods” ended up at about 5 miles probably. We didn’t get back to Swansons until 12:20! Quickly call Mac and make arrangements to meet at 1 at the Chowder House Restaurant.

We had a great lunch with Mac at the Chowder House. I enjoyed some smoked salmon chowder and Rick a bowl of halibut corn chowder.

Quickly back to the house to pick up Sarah to take her and Rick down to UAF for a tour of the geophysics plant – the aurora people! Annika has a friend visiting for a few hours this afternoon.

Rick and Sarah walked home from UAF after the tour – it was mostly about the satellite work and volcanoes, but interesting. We fix an early dinner as we find some music playing down at Pioneer Park that sounds like it would be fun.

Started to rain as we head down to the park, but we find the “Gazebo Music” has moved indoors – we are virtually the ONLY audience, but the band called Denali Mountain Boys still entertains us for the hour. All very skilled musicians. The banjo/fiddle player, Earl Hughes, was also the musician for the El Dorado Gold Train on Monday!

Leaving we run into Thom just getting out of the river from a float trip. He might try to join up with us tomorrow for lunch or whatever! That would be fun!

Back to house to finish up the raspberry/rhubarb crisp and play a few rounds of Sequence. Sarah and I dominated! J

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