Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ALASKA: Downtown & Visits

VIEW today's pictures including a video of Rick on the pogo stick!
Right: Rick, Nephew Thom, Ginger

It rained during the night. The raspberry patch is wet! Dave delays going in to work for a few hours to work on the living room – maybe getting up a few more sheets of rock so Shelli can mud all the room while he is out in the field.

A morning spent doing laundry, baking cookies, picking raspberries, and arranging for a dinner date with Mac and Thom. (Dinner date ended up coffee with Mac and Diane at 5:15, and Thom over for dinner at Swansons).

At one we headed downtown for a little shopping excursion. Puttered around shops, made a few purchases. Visited the headquarters for the Yukon Quest dogsled race (Fairbanks to Whitehead or vice versa). Went over to Alaskaland and checked out the shops there in the oldtime village (a collection of cabins from all parts of Alaska). It is very pleasant temperature wise, but still had a few drops of rain occasionally.

Stopped to pick up some groceries at Fred Meyer and then home long enough to unpack before we take off to meet Mac and Diane for coffee. Good chance to see Diane again before she leaves for Anchorage in the morning. Rourke waited in the car to go to his obedience class.

I owe Shelli a big one for dinner tonight! She cooked everything, including a raspberry/rhubarb crisp, while we had coffee with Mac and Diane. Thom came by a few minutes before we made it home.

Super nice evening with Thom and considerable music talk. Around 10 we head outside to pogo stick with Annika. Everyone except myself takes a turn! Pretty funny to watch! Annika is amazing on the thing – she can bounce forever on it!

We clean up kitchen and Dave finishes preparing food for his trip out in the field.

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