Monday, July 12, 2010

ALASKA: Weekend Days

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At right: Brother Mac & Ginger

What a wonderfully lazy Saturday morning! I was up early and spent nearly two hours reading, writing, and in general relaxing. Morning activities included processing the greens Sarah brought home from the school garden last Wednesday, Dave and Shelli putting up a couple sheets of sheetrock, and a trip to the high school by bike for Dave and Sarah to try out her new discus.

Shelli, Annika, and I took a walk through the birch forest – a nice stroll past all their berry patches, moose droppings, etc. About ¾ mile I would guess. Nice to have such good high-bush and lingonberry sources so close by!

Shelli, Sarah, and I run down to the Farmer’s Market quickly to pick up some more tomatoes and cucumbers, then back up to pick up Rick who was helping Dave install a couple of windows. We are off to Pioneer Park (formerly Alaskaland) to play miniature golf!

Ham dinner and time for games tonight! The weather was muggy all day and tonight it looks like it could rain some.

…..and rain it did during the night! Sunday dawns without the sun, but plenty of clouds. We are going to go to church – to an outdoor service down at Chena River Park in the middle of town.

Much debate about whether to take a salad and stay for the picnic after church. We finally opted to NOT stay, hence NOT take a salad. Well, we ended up staying and didn’t bring anything! But as usual at all Presbyterian functions, there was plenty of food available for all! Sarah did a quick swap of clothes with Shelli and took off on a short canoe trip with some of the youth on the Chena.

Glance at Google maps to refresh how we were getting to Mac’s and Rick and I take off in the truck shortly before two. Have no trouble finding the house. Wow! Once again the flowers take your breathe away. The yard is so beautiful. Get a tour of all the work Mac and Diane have been doing on the addition, etc. and then enjoy sitting out on the new deck and visiting. Diane and Rourke get home around 3 from a “doggie event”, and the Swanson gang arrives shortly after 4. A superb dinner of BBQ salmon, pasta salad, bread, Shelli’s garden salad, corn on the cob, and a giant strawberry pie. Annika was fading, so Swansons took off around 8, but Rick and I stayed until 10:15 visiting and watching the high energy Rouke in action! Bonnie has been sick, but she seemed to be doing better. She is such a sweet old dog. It was so good to see Mac and Diane. We hope to grab lunch with Mac later in the week before we leave, and maybe Thom too (if we can catch him, according to Diane!)

Smoke or dust or something had blown in and the sun was a red ball behind a grey curtain enroute home. Made for stellar skies, but I hope no fires are been “fanned up” by the high winds that blew in during dinner.

A good weekend!

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