Monday, February 4, 2013

Anthony Lakes Snowshoe

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     Forecast today is for overcast, foggy skies in Baker Valley.  Forecast for the mountain isn't much better.  But.... Mondays are great days to snowshoe up in the Anthony Basin.  Trails are still in good condition, road up still in plowed shape, everything free because it is officially closed!  We have invited Rusty Munn to join us today.  Rick is looking forward to a reprieve day on the groomed trails, after breaking trail in deep snow both trips out last week!  
Bull elk moving into the trees at the base of the mountain. 
     Right at the base of the mountain, we spy a huge herd of bull elk north of the road.  They are moving into the trees; definitely NOT at the elk feeding station!  Also saw a bald eagle driving out.  
     Halfway up the mountain we pass through swirling fog banks, and then, we suddenly break out into sunshine and blue skies!!!  WOW!  
Midway up the mountain, we break out of the fog into....
The Nordic center icicles sparkled in the sunshine!
We never dreamed it would be this sunny! 
Rusty's dog Bailey and....BEAUTY!!!
From Black Lake Trail, view across valley to the Eagles.  The valley  is
a sea of fog and clouds! 
Rick and Gunsight Peak in distance.  Near Lily Pad Lake. 

Ginger, Rick, and Rusty Munn  (and Bailey dog!)
Rick and Rusty on the trail. 
So I messed with the exposure on this one.
Anthony Lake outlet, Lees and Lakes Peaks.
Panorama of lake and peaks.  
We stopped at the junction of Black Lake Loop and Lily Pad Trail to eat a little lunch in the sunshine.  The sun was playing cat and mouse with the mountain and the clouds at that point, along with jets streaming across the sky.  Then up and around the College Loops (pant, pant) and back around the lake.  Overall, we figured we snowshoed about 4 miles - not as much as when Rick and I did the trails a couple weeks ago, but definitely prettier views!!  The Upper Francy trail is worth it - a nice view up on top of a knoll looking out over Gunsight.  

Enroute home we detoured to take a peek at the Elk Feeding Station, somewhat to see if the bull elk had returned.  We saw very few bulls, only cows, at the feed station.  The 'boys' must have still been up on the ridge....or eating in some ranchers field.  

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