Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Spiritual Snowshoe

Monday, February 11
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Panorama of Gunsight and Van Patten, Wallowas in the distance. 

     I am so slow in getting this blog written and posted, yet I so want to record what an amazing day today was up on the mountain. Part of the experience was the link I felt to the morning devotions concerning the transfiguration and “glow’ that accompanies an encounter with God.  The scripture was about Moses coming off the mountain with the 10 commandments and the sparkling glow of his face.  I will attach the devotional blog to this one for the ‘COMPLETE package! 

     It is a Monday and the ski area is closed – a perfect opportunity to explore the main ski runs and ascend to the top of the ridge and the accompanying views on groomed slopes without the need to break trail!  We hiked up Road Run and then Variety and College runs to reach the top.  I have never skiied on this side of the ski area in the winter.  Almost makes taking up downhill worth it!  The views across the valley to the Wallowas are spectacular!  Views down into Hoffer basin, etc. incredible!  Today we were treated to deep blue skies, playful clouds, sparkling snows in the sunlight, trees dripping hoarfrost beards of black moss. 

Cool snow sculptures on a tree branch. 
     At the top of the ski hill, we followed the road of the backcountry snowcat toward the summit of Lakes Lookout.  The cat went at least a half mile toward the peak summit along the ridge.  Easy walking!  Views to the west and all around!  We stopped at the turnaround and grabbed a bite to eat.  With a little work, we could see Mt. Ruth around the corner and the spine of the Elkhorns. 
    Enroute back down we went off the cat trail and walked along the edge of the ridge to look down into the Hoffer Basin.  Wow! 
Hoarfrost on the moss
    Rick went back to the car and brought it around to the Nordic ski center while I walked to the edge of the lake to take another panorama from lake shore.  This time I would have blue skies in my background!  Pictures came out well. 
     Rick and I laugh because it seems over the last half year that we end just about every daily ‘adventure’ arriving back at the car at 2pm.  When we stopped to eat at the top of the ridge, I had checked my camera and announced it was already 2:10 and we would be ‘LATE’ today!  Well, I forgot the camera was still on daylight time, and we descended faster than I thought.  Rick said he opened the car doors at 2:05!!  Amazing! 
     Spectacular way to end the snowshoe season.  I don’t anticipate my having time to sneak another in before we leave for the south lands and the snow disappears before we return to Baker County in May! 
Anthony Lake Panorama. 

MONDAY, February 11  "God-Light"
Exodus 34:29-30, 33  (The Message)
"When Moses came down from Mount Sinai carrying the two Tablets of The Testimony, he didn’t know that the skin of his face glowed because he had been speaking with God. Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, saw his radiant face, and held back, afraid to get close to him. .....  When Moses finished speaking with them, he put a veil over his face..."

We reflect how we live. 
We become that which surrounds us. 
We mirror that which fills our lives.
What kind of light are we reflecting?
What do others see in our mirror?
Quality time with God
Puts a radiance to our face.
Living God allows us to mirror God. 
Serving God reflects God-Light. 
Just ask Moses.  
He had to wear a veil -
The brilliance was so dazzling.
Does my God-love 
Blind others with God-light?   
Is the God-Light reflecting from me so bright 
That others must put on their sunglasses?  

Snow crystals - I wanted a star filter!
Addendum:  Rick and I went snowshoeing today up at Anthony Lakes Ski Area.  The ski slopes were closed, there wasn't another person to be seen, the skies were gloriously filled with sunshine, creating sparkling crystals of light reflection on the powder snow.  It was utterly amazing ..... God-Light everywhere.  I kept thinking of this morning's scripture, and Moses with his glowing face; Moses having to veil his face to protect the people from the brilliance of God-Light.  We climbed up to the top of the ski slopes and then continued up to the end of the snowcat trail toward Lakes Lookout.  The views were indescribable.   I thought....I am wearing my sunglasses to protect my eyes from all this God-Light!  For God truly was surrounding us......Today was a Spiritual Snowshoe, no doubt about it.  I tried to color in my God-Light figure in the scribble with dazzling snow, but.....

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