Sunday, August 14, 2011

COLORADO VACATION 2011 Part 7- Albuquerque, NM

Saturday, August 13:
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Our campsite at Randy's
            Up around 6:30 to bible study, shower, a quick breakfast, and goodbyes.  We are on the road by 8:15, heading south on Rt 68 toward Española and Santa Fe.  We wind down along the Rio Grande Gorge for abit.  Stop in Española for a cup of coffee.  South of Santa Fe, we take off on the “shortcut” route of hwy 14 and 344 to Randy’s.  Doesn’t prove to save a lot of time as it is very windy in places, but it was a nice drive nonetheless.  Arrived at Randy’s around 10:45 am.
Rachael brings Mom her birthday cake
            Set up the tent trailer out by the garage, and spend a most pleasant afternoon visiting with the girls and Mom, getting caught up on my blogging, and doing a load of laundry and hanging it out to dry.
            Good dinner, with Jed arriving around 6:30 pm, and then we play a round of Balderdash and Blurt! – interrupted in the middle with a birthday cake and candles for Mom.  Her 81st birthday is tomorrow.  Jed sleeps on the couch downstairs, Rick and I are in Julian’s room (the guest room), Julian has gone up to Regan’s room, and Regan is “bunking” with Rachael.  Such great kids to all move around so Rick and I can have a real bed! 

Sunday, August 14:
Happy Birthday, Mom!!

            Up again around 6:45 to head up to the front porch and enjoy the rising morning sun and do my study.  Gradually the adults arise (and Rachael).  Patty, Randy, and Rachael leave for church around 8:45, with Rick and I leaving a half hour later to drive into Albuquerque and pick Mom up.  We are going to worship with her today – it IS her birthday, after all!  Jed opts to keep sleeping, as do Regan and Julian! 
            Covenant Presbyterian Church is a friendly, casual family of faith.  It is obvious that the pastor and others know Mom.  She has a group of ladies (many also from Three Fountains) who join her in the pew – the group that also goes out to lunch together most Sundays.  After church we drive down to see Menaul School – it is further down toward the river than I thought. 
Mom and her grandkids!
            Back to relax at Mom’s for a couple hours (I head over to Walmart to pick up some cards and groceries) – I think all three of us nodded off with a little nap at some point.  Then we head down Central to the Route 66 diner where we meet everyone else for a birthday dinner!  Ten of us gather together.  Good meals and Randy makes sure Mom receives her free ice cream sundae dessert! 
            After dinner, Jed drives home to Socorro, Rick and I take Mom back to her apartment, and Rand’s all head back to Edgewood.  Rick and I get back to Randy’s around 7:15, where we visit, get a few maps printed off, and prepare to take off in the morning.  Randy has to leave early for Nevada, Patty starts inservice for teaching tomorrow, and Regan has her first day of a new job at Supercuts.  Time for us to leave!  G’night.  

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