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WEEK 2:  June 22 – June 30

Click HERE for all pictures from Week 2 of our trip

Wednesday, June 22 and Thursday, June 23:
More lazy days!  Wednesday is another scanning day for slides, and by days’ end I have a total of nearly 500 done.  But on Thursday morning, the scanner refused to work!  A new problem this time – the Pfs Loader Application is no longer working!  Whatever that means!  Rick continues work on the hedge and outside tasks, and gets the new moulding on the backdoor installed.  It looks good!  Grandma R is cooking on Wednesday and Rick has taken Thursday cooking duties…..we head to the Thai Restaurant on Thursday for a late lunch/dinner!  Rick’s favorite method of cooking is Thai! 
Wednesday afternoon a missionary from the Sudan visited the church and spoke to a group.  It was really interesting and I learned a lot about the area and the country.  The gal hasn’t been in the Sudan for long, yet will be moving from the northern part of the country to the south when she returns, as the country has voted to separate as of July 9. 
Rick took a long walk on Wednesday and checked out the new Frisbee golf course at the city park.  He said it is a “links” Frisbee course – a little rough in places! 
Thursday we worked around the house until 12:30 when we headed downtown to the Thai Restaurant for dinner, and then a drive out 42S to find Mac’s hopeful house on Skyline Drive.  We found it and it is indeed up on top of a ridge!  Games, puzzles, and relaxation for the evening.  Oh, I also read a book over the past two days! 

Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26:

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend on the beach!  The weather was sunny and bright, the north wind blowing as usual but not toooo hard!  Bandon is bustling with an amateur golf tournament running next week out at The Dunes, so this weekend the beach is full with tourists, families, etc.
Rick takes off early to spend the morning up in Coos Bay at the Habitat for Humanity project there.  A chance to try out his new tool belt!  Evidently the crew worked to correct an error in hall width constructed by a group from North Bend High School.  He said those high school boys pounded in a lot of nails, which all had to be removed or cut through with a reciprocal saw.  A good first experience for him although he never filled out any paperwork so officially they don’t even know who he was! 
Rick's Habitat House in Coos Bay.  He moved a wall. 
I took an hour long walk on the beach Saturday morning, heading north from Mom’s up to Coquille Point.  I was hoping to find the seals resting on the rocks, but alas, no such luck!   I did surprise myself, however, and actually felt like RUNNING!!  Me?  Running?  Yes!  Not a lot at once, but it felt good!  I collected a few shells and driftwood as well to make a wind chime. 
At 11:15 Moms2 and I drove up to Smoothboar’s to join the Birthday Club for lunch.  This is a group that meets once a month to celebrate whoever has a birthday that month.  The location changes, greetings are sent, and a song is sung!  Mostly they gather to chat!  We enjoyed our shrimp salads! 
Afternoon spent lazily working on the jigsaw puzzle and preparing a salmon feast for dinner!  I had picked up a salmon fillet at the grocery store, and with fresh sourdough bread, and baked yam fries and a huge tossed salad, we ate in style.  Rick did a superb job on the BBQ ing of the salmon.  It had been a long while since we had salmon so tasty! 
Sunday was church in the morning, and then we cooked up the chicken on the BBQ, fried taters, and broccoli for dinner when we got home.  Always nice to eat the big meal in the middle of the day. 
I took another walk on the beach, this time heading south, after lunch.  Even though I was a little full, I still managed to include 6 stints of jogging into the walk!  Later in the afternoon Rick walked clear down to the jetty from Mom Mac’s!  We have to be in good shape when we get to Colorado in August so we can hike some peaks! 
After I did a little “doodling”, Mom and I headed out to the garage to do a little cleaning and throwing away!  More cleaning than throwing, but two hours later it looked much improved and she was happy!  Now a trip to the dump is in order, plus recycling. 
Light supper and evening Sunday of games, puzzle, and drawing.  Can this marvelous weather continue? 
I called Jed around 8pm to ask one last time about getting the scanner to work.  Jed suggested I simply uninstall and reinstall everything….it worked!  My son is so amazing!  So I promptly stayed up until nearly midnight scanning 40 pictures (we were also watching Lonesome Dove on TV). 

Monday, June 27:
            Up earlyish (around 7) to scan, scan, scan.  Every spare moment of today was spent scanning slides.  By day’s end, I only had about 70 left to do and had scanned over 300 slides.  That’s about 5-6 hours of scanning! 
            Today was a work day again – laundry, computer education for Mom, Rick trimming outside BEFORE the rain struck, car cleanup, etc.  Mom and I took an hour in the afternoon to check out the myrtlewood place about 5 miles south of town.  It was a good INSIDE day as the rain really came down during the afternoon. 
            We made waffles for dinner with plum or strawberry syrup! Good meal!  After dinner Moms2 and I played Canasta again.  Mom 1 “cheated” and won.  I’ve been giving her a bad time.  (It was unintentional!) 

Tuesday, June 28:
            Today I finished scanning slides – total of 932!!  Hurray! 
Mom awaits her new tires!
            Big day today heading up to Coos Bay again – to the dump, to get new tires for Mom’s car, dress shopping for Tom’s wedding, Myrtlewood purchases, etc. etc.  Mom R treated everyone to lunch/dinner at Sizzler!  By 4pm we were all weary and ready to head for home!  But the car has new tires, Mom purchased TWO new dresses and a wonderful reading lamp for by her chair. 
            Home around 5:30 to find the new CD disk drive waiting for us on the front porch!  I install it (plug it in!) and Mom is in business to view pictures, etc. on her computer. 
            I make up a batch of air popcorn for a dinner snack and spent much of the rest of the evening getting Mom set up on her computer answering more questions.  Talked to Jed on the phone when I saw a message on Facebook that his Candidacy Meeting for Thursday was postponed!  Oh no!!! 

Wednesday, June 29:
            Scrubby dub dub in the tub and shower morning as we clean and wax the showers, do a little other light cleaning for Mom, and get things in general ready to leave. 
            After lunch Rick and I take off for the Bandon Dunes Golf Course to watch a little of the PGA Amateur Championships taking place this week.  A perfect time to explore the course when you can walk around as a spectator and see everything without paying for it! 
Main lodge of Bandon Dunes
            And it is beautiful!  Once we park, a shuttle takes us south to the Bandon Trails Course which starts near the shore, but then dives deep into the forest.  We didn’t follow that far, but did log over a mile watching match play on about 5 holes.  Realized we really don’t understand match play scoring when they would call a hole won or lost before it was finished!  I shall have to go home and Google Match play in golf to figure out what was happening! 
            We then took the shuttle to the Old MacDonald Course, the last of the 4 that have been built at The Dunes.  Old MacDonald is considered the most rustic and closest to a Scottish “links” setup.  We thought it looked very open with HUGE greens.  It was hard in places to tell where fairways and rough met!  Most of the course is right out by the ocean. 
Hole 2 at Bandon Trails
            Stopped enroute back to Moms to pick up more salmon for dinner and some little stuff at the hardware store to finish a couple last minute fixes at the house (Superglue, etc.!)  Evening spent packing up, high class dining, and playing one last game. AND I put a few more pieces into the puzzle!  
            We didn’t finish our jigsaw puzzle of the California poppies.  Left it for Mom’s many guests of the summer to work on!  (Course, the easy stuff is done – the sky and all that green remain!)

Thursday, June 30:
            Baker City, here we come!  We are up at 6am and leave around 6:40, Mom in the back seat with room for her knitting, etc.  We pick up some coffee and are on our way for the long haul home in one day. 
Isn't Eastern Oregon glorious country?
Strawberry Mountains
            Rick drives to Florence, where we stop at a Subway for breakfast sandwiches, and then on to Eugene/Springfield.  We run in and out of brief rain storms, scattered with sunshine and misty clouds.  In Springfield we stop for a quick break and Ginger drives over the mountains to Prineville – weather improving the further east we go!  Warmer temps and sunshine totally.  In Prineville another Subway stop for lunch and then Rick drives us into Baker City.  The drive was gorgeous from Prineville on – blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and GREEN lush fields among the pines.  Home at 5:30 pm, 11 hours later! 
            Trip home produced the back for a baby sweater for Mom and I completed most of the “Marys” for my needlepoint nativity sets for Christmas.  Plus two more Doodles! 
            All is well on Broadway Street.  We are ready to crash, but first have a good visit with Bogarts as they bring over our share of our first CSA basket!  It’s so good to be home, but was a GREAT visit with Mom in Bandon….with TWO MOMS!  

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