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Monday, September 19
          I am back in Bandon for nearly two weeks to stay with Mom and provide a little support and companionship.  OK, in reality, to play games!!  :)   Rather than recite a detailed blog of rather ordinary days, I am simply going to make a photo collage each day and include it as my journal/blog.
          Most of today's collage is from an afternoon high tide beach walk.  So beautiful.  The foam patterns were amazing!

Tuesday, 9.20.16
Another hide tide walk today.  Not much wind, though, so I headed south.  

Wednesday, 9.21.16
A low tide day for beach walk!  The half moon lingered in the sky, the birds were busy eating crab parts. Mom got a nice sunset today, and her pampas grass has just bloomed.  Beautiful! 

Thursday, 9.22.16
A little flora day for the blog collage.  Flowers from beach, mom's yard, and stairway.  AND another sunset! 

Friday, 9.23.16
A change in the weather!  Rain, wind, and cool breezes!  I didn't take a walk, but went down to Washed Ashore for a few hours.  

Saturday, 9.24.16
Low tide is mid day - convenient.  Not a huge low, but enough to explore.  Jellyfish were washed up today.  My search for 'Camel Shells' in memory of Pat has netted at least a couple each day.  This was the biggest limpet I have ever found!  

Sunday, 9.25.16
Sunday stroll in the afternoon.  Found a starfish and had to play with the Photo App Pixma!  Plus anenonmes!  Beautiful, but windy.  Wind made swirling patterns on the shore. 

Monday, 9.26.16
A busy day of work in basement, finishing scrap banner samples.  Low tide walk, LOTS of limpet camel shells, especially down in front of Sunset beach area.  Went clear to Coquille Point and found the aneonmes on the sandy surface look like doughnuts with sprinkles with the Prisma App!  Went through Tunnel Rock.  

Tuesday, 9.27.16
FIERCE wind today during low tide late afternoon.  More sand swirling patterns. Explored Tunnel Rock more to avoid wind.  Few shells.  Finished another sample. Behind in Spite and Malice for first time.  I've won every game of Quiddler.

WEDNESDAY, 9.28.16
Busy day for getting projects done, like shower and mice and toes!  Saved my walk for after dinner and enjoyed the sunset. Able to pass through Tunnel Rock again.  Finished my nativity (almost). 

THURSDAY, 9.29.16
Took few pictures today!  Bank.  Washed Ashore. Phone calls. Found a tiny sea star to complete my rock nativity.  Will make my collage of PRISMA images for it.  

FRIDAY, 9.30.16 and SATURDAY, 10.1.16
Bandon to Prineville to Baker City!

Heading home!  Spent the night in Prineville with Diane Hinkle (CAV friend).  Beautiful fall colors enroute, from the red undergrowth over Santiam, to the sun on the Ponderosa pines of Ochoco and the golden larch trees near Whitney.  Stopped at Sahalie Falls near Santiam Pass.  Full rainbow and incredible sunset in Prineville.  

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