Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wk 2 Summertime in Bandon: Taylors & Simmons!

Taylors Arrive!!  

      This morning is the lowest tide possible while I am in Bandon and the hour is accommodating at 7:30 am!!!  I was going to head down a little earlier, but it was drizzling and didn't look very inviting.  I'm glad I went!!  I was able to walk around the ocean side of Tunnel Rock and find  STAR FISH and ANENOMES!!!  It made me feel better to know that they hadn't ALL disappeared!  The sun looked like it would break through the clouds at one point, but when I turned to head back south to the house, I discovered the sun had disappeared and the mist was from the south!  Yes, I once again got wet!!  Oh well!        

     Our morning is then spent lazily playing a few games as we assemble a menu and shopping list and then grocery shopping while Rick repaired a leak in the front gutter.  We also installed a handtowel rack in the guest bathroom. Ready for Tom and Heather and Matty to arrive!!  

Uncle Rick spends some time with Matty
     WOW! That must have been a whirlwind time because it is now Tuesday morning and I have just remembered my blog was forgotten!  What focus is given to a little man 4 1/2 months old!!  :)  

Grandma Mac with one of her new great-grandsons!
Tom is a pretty proud papa!
     The Taylor crew arrived around 3:45, Matty having slept much of the trip.  He is a good little traveler according to Tom.  We circled around the star of the show in the living room until dinner time, visiting and getting acquainted with the newest Taylor.  

     Lasagna dinner and a little time for Rick to play with Matt - and finish getting Rick ready to leave in the morning.  We took a short walk on the beach to introduce Matt to the ocean, but he fell asleep by the time we hit the bottom of the stairway!   

I tried a new setting on the phone for Saturday's sunset so I
could capture ALL the sky!
SUNDAY, June 29 - MONDAY, June 30

Tom and Matty
     Two days spent with church, walks on the beach, playing games, etc!!  Tom and Heather took Matt down to the beach on Sunday afternoon, but the wind was so strong and the tide high that it wasn't a very pleasant walk (they went south first and walked into the wind coming back - ugh!)  Matty enjoyed baths in the kitchen sink, and Monday when he did get his toes in the ocean, he was so laid back.  No cry, just a .... what are you doing to me? look.

     We played Heather's family game, Kings in the Corners, which was fun.  This is NOT my trip to do well in games other than Quiddler!  Mom has been winning everything!  

Tom and Matty reading a book. 
     Tom and Heather went to Old Town on Monday and clam chowder at lunch on the docks.  Heather thought the ice cream cones at the creamery were wonderful!  HUGE scoops she says!  
Grandma Mac gets another chuckle.

     Mom and I picked up peaches and made the pie recipe Mac used with peaches instead of strawberries.  It didn't set up quite as well, but it sure tasted good!!  
Matty just chillin' in Grandpa's
 big chair. 

     Random pictures from the past two days:

Sunday night sunset from lower lawn.
That sun is really bright, Mom!  
Tom gets Matty's feet wet in the Pacific! 
Posing on the beach! 
Mom and our peach pie
Matty gets to dance on the table!
Sunset Monday night


Matty ready to play on the beach!
     Well, I wish I could say we were highly productive today, but Tom and Heather really just wanted a day to RELAX!!  Matty did get the chance to play in the water again AND play in the warm sand.  He was rather ambivalent at this point.  :)   We watched the USA World Cup soccer game, I got most of my Christmas gift bags for the nativity sets made, and we played Quiddler again!  (A come from behind victory for Ginger!)  
Velella MESS piling up!

Coquille River lighthouse from jetty road
   I did take an extended walk late afternoon as part of my Weight Watcher check-in.  I drove down to Coquille Point, walked around the point and up the beach to the jetty, down to Old Town, and back up to the Senior Center at the park for WW.  Talked to Rick on the phone from Old Town up to WW!  The beach was beautiful - warm and not much wind.  Many people out enjoying the good weather - LOTS of tourists!  The beach was messy - still alot of velellas along the high tide lines - piling up in places.  
     My weigh in was not particularly good, so I came home and made another salad!  (No jello for me!)  Time to get this in line!  

Taylors and Mom Mac - obligatory departure photo!!
Transition day!  

     Tom and Heather and Matty left this morning around 9am, after the obligatory picture in front of the fireplace!  Matty was in very good humor this morning!  Hopefully that will hold for a good drive over to Roseburg and then home.  
"Maid's Quarters" all ready to go!  Love it!
     Spent about an hour changing beds, washing sheets, etc.  Got the basement cleaned up and ready to go, including making up my room in the study and sweeping out the shop for Liz and Dave.  I even put a mint on each pillow....for the classy motel effect!  
     Visited with Liz to confirm arrival times and Marg called Mom at the same time to check in after their trip to Russia.  Susie came to clean the house this morning which saved us a little vaccuming, dusting, etc.  I did ask Susie about the shower and she said Mom's showers were the easiest she has to clean, so I will wax them both this afternoon perhaps after she has cleaned them!  Apparently the wax helps alot....in fact, Susie wanted to know about it to recommend to others!  
Seals on the rocks
     After lunch I headed down to the beach so I could get around the point before high tide rolled in.  It was a breezy northwind again and not nearly as warm as yesterday, but a good walk.  I prayed my ABC's on the way down, found several additional letters, including the ones I hoped for to complete my devotion for the day!  Beautiful waves, gulls, and I even saw a few seals sunning themselves on the rocks by Coquille Point.  Mostly was overwhelmed by the velella debris - what a mess and they are still washing in with every high tide!  
Helping Susie scrub a spot on the kitchen floor!
Mom took a picture with a phone! 
     Mom and I realized while eating dinner (and playing a game of Spite and Malice!) that this is probably the first time that we have been at the Bandon house - just the two of us - EVER!  Always before Rick has been here, or my dad, or the boys with me, etc.  It seemed almost QUIET this afternoon and evening - the calm before the storm!  
     So we took advantage and played some Spite and Malice (I actually closed the gap up to just a 2 point difference!), a round of Kings in the Corner (dismal showing on my part!), and finally finished off the evening with Quiddler, at which I finally championed!  Whew!  Downstairs now in my little room watching the crescent moon sink into the ocean.  Awesome.  G'night. 
Tonight's sunset redeemed the skies from last night's dismal showing!  

Thursday, July 3
Lull Between the Storms....

Mom Mac and Tyler
    Basically today was fairly lazy until 6:15 when Liz and company arrived!  Mom made cookies this morning and after lunch I tried out Sullie's gluten free PB cookies with nutella.  I only sampled a half, but it was pretty good!  We went grocery shopping to stock up the larder, but not knowing what Liz was bringing, we'll have to go back!  I made another big salad!  
Finally!  At the beach!
 Walk on the beach to guarantee Mom would take a nap and she conked out!  Big game news is that I overtook Mom today in Spite & Malice, which is amazing considering I was once 30 points behind!  

Tucker carries a velella on
his sand shovel back to the sea
     Liz, Dave, Doug, Tommy, and Tucker arrived at 6:15ish and we had just barely finished dinner when Gretchen, Shawn, and Tyler pulled in.  We scrambled to give them a little food too!  Tommy mostly just wanted to go to the beach, so we took them down for a short play after dinner.  Tucker had seen my pictures of the velellas and he wanted to put them back into the water!  Just like the starfish story of saving one or two!  
Tucker and his
little bro' Tyler
 An early bedtime as everyone was beat...Doug and Tommy's plane was delayed and they didn't get in to Portland until 3am last night!  Agh!  

Friday, July 4
Independence Day Fun!

Tiedye patriots!
Everyone was up and moving faster than anticipated this morning.  I enjoyed the luxury of waking up to a brightly lit room and reading for a half hour!  While the status of the study 'bed' is questionable (the foam is basically shot I think!), the view out the window more than makes up for it!  Everyone grabbed whatever breakfast they wanted and around 9, Mom and I headed downtown to stake out a spot along 101 for the parade.  We got our 7 chairs lined up, figuring the boys could sit on the curb.  
Gretchen & Tyler (with Tucker photobombing!)
     The rest of the crew arrived sooner than expected which meant for a bit of a wait.  Tucker, Shawn, Liz and I played tag on the grass behind us.  I figured I got a pretty good workout!  Tommy is still adjusting to the new situation and the long flight across country.  He just wanted to cuddle with his daddy.  I was hoping for a picture of all four of us, but had to settle for just Tucker, Tyler and I in our patriotic tie dye shirts!  
Gretchen, Mom Mac, and Liz

     A good parade and the boys made a pretty good 'haul' in candy!  Tommy got into the spirit of the parade once he figured out what was happening!  I managed to mess up my camera, so I don't have many picture of the parade and activities in the park.  We went to the park for hamburger lunch, courtesy of the Lions Club, a visit to the craft show in The Barn (I bought a baby gift for Andrea Conklin and Gretchen got Tyler a cute camo hat!)  The boys played on the equipment in the playground and took a turn in the bouncy house!  
Mom Mac with Tyler
     Back to the house for naps! Everyone (although Doug said Tommy never really went to sleep!)  I took advantage and cuddled up in my scenic room and actually just read a novel!  Wow!  Very nice!  We made spaghetti for dinner and then a visit to the beach for Gretchen, Liz, Doug, Tucker, Tommy and I.  We walked, much to the boys chagrine!  But I managed to lure them along with a treasure hunt for shells and feathers, the excitement of stirring up the seaweed to unlesh a hoard of sand fleas, and then a wild game of 'stomp my snake' with a 16' long piece of kelp!  FUN!  We promised the boys some prolonged sandcastle building beach time tomorrow during low tide!  
Gretch helps cook the spaghetti!

      Drove down to the church and parked to walk out to the old hospital grounds and the overlook across the river channel to the lighthouse.  They fire off the fireworks from the north side of the river.  But we got there about an hour early.  Lots of local fireworks being shot off.  Tommy didn't like the noise and went to sleep in Doug's arms long before the real thing started.  We had a nice chat with a couple from Santa Fe (and originally near Cleveland, OH) who are renting the flattop white house just below us!  But....the show was worth the wait, and I should text Luke and tell him I appreciated the flashlight app on my phone
Tommy, Liz, and Tucker play in the surf
because we used it to get Grandma Mac back across the rough ground and to the car in the dark!  

     A good day!!

Tucker borrowed my snake for a turn!
Tyler gives Grandma Liz the eye....Yes, he did get sunburned today!
All set up for the fireworks!
Sunset today is over the south jetty area - tide is still close to high!
Farmer's Market and Beach Time!!  Sparklers!
     Today was a gorgeous summer day at the beach with gentle breezes, temps in the mid 60's, and a low tide around noon.  Clear blue skies!  We got up leisurely enjoying cinnamon rolls and fresh cantaloupe.  The guys took the boys to the Cheese Factory while the gals went to the Farmer's Market,  the grocery store, The Creamery and the Quilt Shop!  Fun morning picking up a few items and checking out the crafts at the market.  Liz had a credit at the quilt shop so we picked up a couple of patterns and some fabric (Liz, not me! I cannot BUY fabric!)
     After lunch Liz and I headed down to the beach with Tucker and Tommy.  Doug joined us for a short while and then went to do some school work.  We built a castle, used our snake for a moat creature (perfect size!), and the boys got soaked in the ocean waves!  Tommy just laid down on his belly, and Tucker was trying to put his head into the water upsidedown!  Quiet time when we got back!  In the meantime, Gretchen and Grandma Mac went down to the dog show.  Gretchen had a friend who was showing her malamute.  They had fun.  
     Sparklers after dinner and then a game of dominoes to close out the night.  I talked with both Luke and Rick during the evening also.  I'll share most of the day with pictures....
Tucker and Shawn sample Face Rock Creamery ice cream!

Liz joins Tommy and Doug at the Creamery.

Grandma Liz and her grandsons play with 'The Snake". 

Doug helps Tommy and Tucker with the castle. 

Tucker and Liz get the castle blocks just right. 

Tucker defends his castle!

Tommy just enjoyed the beach!

Completed sandcastle.  The Snake just fit into the moat circle. 

Silly Tucker....getting a fine view!

Dave explains the safety necessary for sparklers.

Tucker shows off his sparkler. 

The Sparkler Gallery!  Tommy wasn't too sure about them. 

Tommy finally gets into the show.....

Cheesy grin from Tucker!

Tommy wanted to dump the bucket of water....so we let him! 
Doug and his nephew Tyler.  Nice Tie-dye, Ty!

SUNDAY, July 6
Departure day for the Simmons clan

So....this wild party ended after church today, as the two cars of Simmons/Walkers headed north to Portland area.  But we had to kick into high gear to get the house ready for Karen and Tom and boys!  But before everyone left, we did get some group pictures!!  Mandatory!!  

Grandma Mac and her grands and great-grands:
Tucker, Shawn, Gretchen, Tyler, Doug, and Tommy

Mom Mac and kids: Ginger, Liz and Dave

Gretchen's family

Doug and son Tommy
The whole crew minus Ginger (that picture was out of focus!)
Back: Shawn, Dave, Liz
Front: Tucker, Gretchen with Tyler, G-Mac, Doug, Tommy


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