Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lakes Lookout Hike

Rick, Ging, Katy & Will on top of Lakes Lookout
Monday, July 16
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     Rick and I realized we hadn't taken Katy Halliburton, our new pastor of 6 months, and her husband Will out for a hike yet!!  And time is getting short before we leave in August. Since Monday is her day off (and every day is off now for us!!!) we took off to climb to the top of Lakes Lookout - as a way to acquaint them with the Anthony Lakes area from on top, and because we have taken Hikes to Heaven to this spot.
Elephant heads & Lees Peak
     We got an early start due to forecast of afternoon thunderstorms, and the skies opened to more sun and fewer clouds than I anticipated.  It was beautiful!  And the flowers!  Wow!  I will surely miss some of what we saw in trying to name them all, but I shall try:  buttercups, heather, shooting stars, elephant heads, paintbrush, marsh marigolds, red columbine, and lupine.   The recent thunderstorms have dampened everything and the meadows and marshes were very wet!
Shooting Stars
     A good climb as usual,  with some heavy breathing on my part to the top of the peak!  We enjoyed about a half hour on top snacking, taking pictures, and surveying the countryside!  The distant views were a little hazy due to smoke from fires.
Crawfish Meadows
     Coming down, we veered off to explore the Hoffer Lakes area.  So much water right now!  The  bog area between the two lakes was hard to navigate, but we got through.  The meadows were FILLED with elephant heads in this area.  The waterfall down the rocks had more water than I think I have ever seen - especially compared to the last time I was up last fall and it was a mere trickle!
Top of Hoffer Creek Falls
     A GREAT time spent together with new friends in a special playground!  God is good.  All the time!

Elephant Heads and Lakes Lookout from Hoffer Meadows

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