Monday, March 26, 2012

Journey to the Cross - Lent Day 29

LENT DAY 29 - Monday, March 26
John 12:20-21    Who do you see?
"There were some Greeks in town who had come up to worship at the Feast.  They approached Philip:...."Sir, we want to see Jesus. Can you help me?" (The Message)
     Wouldn't we all like to SEE Jesus today?!  Images abound on the Internet - usually with flowing brown hair, fair skin, blue or brown eyes, a warm understanding smile, gentle hands.  In searching for Jesus (on-line!), I did find a few multi-racial Christs, one with a Superman Logo half hidden under his robe.  I rather liked that image - isn't Jesus one of the most SUPER MEN we have ever known?  I also found the lion from Narnia and multiple symbols - the cross, a fish, a butterfly, a star or a heart.  
     In my Scribbles, I have tried to portray in my image of Jesus both the diety and the humanity of our Lord.  The colors are the same as the image of God (as if I knew what God looks like!) and the wings are our pop cultural attempt to show a heavenly, or "beyond this world" being.  But my Scribble is also human - the same tuft of hair as all human figures, the same shape figure.  Jesus is God.  Jesus was man. 
     But the question really is, "What does Jesus look like today to you?"  So many say they can't wait to see Christ when he returns.  I ask, can we not see Christ today in the faces of those we see now?  A child?  The beggar?  A gift?  A word?  Open your eyes and heart to see Jesus on your journey of life.  Look!  He's come back already!  He's here!  Now!  

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