Monday, October 24, 2011

Hell's Canyon Fishing

Lazy day on the Snake River
October 14, 2011

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     Rick and I got up early this morning to head down to Hell's Canyon Dam on the  Snake River.  It was my first trip down to the canyon in probably 6-8 years.  The weather forecast was for sunshine - a perfect fall outing in the planning!  
     EARLY meant we left Baker City around 5:20 am - a good decision because it put us into the canyon BEFORE the sun rose in the east.  Driving is always tough heading east in the early morning otherwise!  A huge moon lit up the western sky behind us.  We stopped briefly at Copperfield Park to use the restroom, and then the final 20 or so miles on the Idaho side of the river to the dam.  Brownlee Reservoir was absolutely calm, reflecting the hills beautifully.  
Colors add to the scenery
     We hiked about a mile down the trail, avoiding the poison ivy plants and reveling in the sun as it began to light up the cliffs high above us.  The colors are gorgeous - orange, golden, reds.  Rick gets set to fish around 8am while I find a good rock for some reading, devotions, drawing, Soduko, etc.  Eventually my body says the rock is REALLY cold and I wander around abit seeking the sunshine, which by 10:30 or so FINALLY makes its way to the river edge.  It felt soooo good!  
Rick prepares to find another hole. 
     Rick did not have a great deal of fortune in his fishing - at least not in terms of putting dinner on the table!  He did catch a couple of small bass and two catfish - all of which he returned to the water!  We did move around a few times to try some new holes.  I took pictures, drew a doodle style picture of Rick fishing, and spent some time visiting with Arron Moxon who was spending the weekend in the canyon.  
     While the fishing wasn't successful, the day certainly was.  It was beautiful, warm eventually, and a perfect way to spend a fall day!

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