Sunday, September 11, 2011

Newport Weekend

Luke and Kady
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     Rick and I take off early Friday morning (like 5:45am early!) to head over to Newport, OR, for the weekend - delivering Luke his beloved "Tinkerbell" green Honda and recovering our Honda truck which Luke drove over three weeks ago in moving large furniture, bikes, etc. to the coast.  We opted to drive via the middle of the state, after consulting Google maps and discovering it was 30 miles shorter via Hwy 26/20 and only 30 minutes slower.  Anything to avoid the pandemonium of Portland on a Friday afternoon!  As it was, we made the drive in 8 hours 15 minutes, including stops.  It was beautiful all the way.  Rick drove to Prairie City, I drove to Bandit Springs (Ochoco Summit), Rick to Sweethome, and I took us into Newport.  The little Honda probably deserved a good chance to "blow it all out" after a year in "captivity" in the Yeoumans garage!  We were loaded with TV, TV stand, vacuum, portable BBQ and big propane tank,  trunk (filled of course!), food supplies (including sourdough starter)....we were loaded!  The little Honda isn't that big! 
Luke's hood ornament....ugh!
     As the day progressed, the weather got warmer, but thankfully we were heading to the coast and it was nice and cool upon arrival!  Somewhere around Corvallis a flock of birds flew right into the front of the car.  When we pulled into Luke's we discovered we had a new hood ornament....not of the very attractive kind!  Rick took care of it for us!  
     Kady was still at work when we arrived at the little cottage bungalow (after checking into our Travelodge motel).  Luke showed us the house (which takes about 1 minute) and shared the news of his job interview this morning at the City Recreation Center.  He thought it went well, and he will hear on Monday at noon the results.  Say a prayer!  We then left to check out some building supply options and see if a fishing boat might be unloading (Rick and I had seen a sign coming through town.)  Well, I was so excited to get the fish I forgot to take any pictures OF the fish!  A tuna boat was in the bay, and we ended up purchasing 2 fish, at about 15 pounds each.  Filleted we got approximately 16-17 pounds of tuna.  Stopped at a Dollar Tree to pick up freezer bags and went right back to the house to package and get it into the freezer.  We are happy, happy!!!  The fish supply in the freezer was lean! 
     Kady arrived home from work around 5:40 and by 6:15 we decided it was TIME TO EAT!   A good time to try out the BBQ we brought over.  I had brought chicken tenders to cook, plus potato salad (we had a surplus of taters) and a huge tossed salad, plus tomato sourdough bread.  So dinner didn't take but a second to prepare, because it was all ready except for cooking the meat!  A bottle of wine and we were fixed for the evening!  
     Rest of evening was spent discussing options for window coverings, repairs, plans for Saturday, etc.  We headed back to motel around 9, having gotten up rather early! 

Luke installs curtain hooks. 
     A more leisurely rising, breakfast, and we meet at Luke & Kady's around 9, ready for a full day!  We made the rounds of building supply stores and Walmart, picking up the necessaries for a new portable mini closet, a board for the bed, window hardware, blinds, curtain materials, etc. I was excited to find the journal I've been looking for at this Wal-Mart!  Also a stop down in the Nye Beach area to pick up some clam chowder at the Chowder Bowl for lunch.  Andy Ferns had told Luke that it was the best chowder in Newport!  We tend to was VERY thick and rich and probably I don't want to even imagine the Weight Watcher point value!  
What are they??
     Back to the house to eat and then tackle the job of putting up blinds and stitching curtains together. Kady put together the wardrobe after she and I went out and picked blackberries for awhile.  I took pictures of the random flowers surrounding the house of which we are trying to figure out the identity.  Mostly the plants are blackberries!  The tree outside the front door is a holly tree, but it had us confused because the leaves at the very top were not pointy at all.  I have since read that only the bottom leaves of holly trees are pointy!  
Holly leaves on tree. 
     Since our pharmacy coverage ends on October 1, we thought we would get Luke his flu shot, especially since he might be working with kids.  He called Safeway, confirmed they were giving shots, and we drove down.  Well, we don't know WHICH Safeway he called, but it wasn't Newport.  They don't have a pharmacy department!  But the Rite-Aid next door did, Rick and I ended up getting our flu shots, plus Rick his Shingles shot.  But there was a problem with the insurance on Luke - end result no shot for Luke and I have to call OEBB on Monday morning to work it out.  
     Another stop at Radio Shack to pick up rabbit ear antennae for his TV - for a $12 investment he is able to pick up 3 stations.  Enough to make them happy!  
Luke & Kady at Green Gable
     Sunday is Kady's 23rd birthday and since Rick and I will be leaving early in the morning, we are celebrating tonight.  Kady is a great fan of the Anne of Green Gables books, and the little B&B around the corner is called the Green Gables Italian Cafe, so we try it out.  An eclectic little place - used book store, music venue, cafe, and B&B.  Kady and I have Chicken Pot Pies and Rick and Luke opt for spaghetti.  
     We walk back to the cottage just in time to open another bottle of wine and go up onto the roof to watch the sunset.  Since the house is set into the hillside, you can step right on to the roof on the back corner.  We sat and enjoyed what Luke and Kady said was the best sunset they've had since they moved to town.  Kady opened her birthday present and card.   Finally the cool night drove us inside where we talked abit longer before giving our hugs goodbye.  Rick and I will need to stop by in the morning to pick up the tuna from the freezer.  

Sunset from the rooftop. 
Up on the rooftop!
     Rick and I are up again early at 5:10 to pack up, check out, pick up ice at the open 24 hours Thriftway, and call Luke to open the front door at 5:50am.  The nearly full moon was turning bright orange as it dropped down into the ocean as we arrived at the cottage.  We loaded up the ice chest, another hug, a stop at the Shell for coffee, and by 6am we are on our way east again!  
     Within the hour and upon arrival in Corvallis, we are greeted with another stellar display of the sun....this time a sunrise!  The smoke filled skies of Oregon are rendering gorgeous skies!  We gas up and are again on our way!  Rick ends up driving clear to Sisters, I drive to John Day, and Rick on home.  We stopped briefly in Prineville at the Subway.  
Light shafts through the smoke near Suttle Lake. 
     Only big event enroute home was the smokey skies surrounding Santiam Pass area - there has been a fire near Big Lake and the wind either shifted or the fire flamed up because it was MUCH smokier coming home today.  You couldn't see Suttle Lake at all, but the light shafts through the smoke were pretty cool.  
     Home at 2:20pm safe and sound!  Quick, fast, but successful! 

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