Saturday, April 23, 2011


How nice can it get?
       Seems hard to believe that just one week ago, we were basking in the 70 degree sunshine of Southern California and San Diego as we prepared to christen and launch the USNS William McLean.  One week later today, we are high in the mountains amidst a vast snowy landscape, but still a GLORIOUS SUNSHINE!  
       Today is the last good weather day forecast over the next week, so I say "heck with the garden and yard" and take off with Rick to the mountains!  It is beautiful outside, albeit cool in the morning.  The ski area is now closed, so the road, while clear, has drifts of snow in places.  We park in the main ski area parking - only 2 other cars there!  Snowmobiles are plying the hills of the ski area, but they are basically not that close to where we are headed.  
Rick looks back at Gunsight as we head up Road Run.  
My mountain man!
      The sun is so bright on the snow that the sky appears black at times.  I'm glad my glasses tint and have "anti-glare" features!  I mostly just pointed the camera and snapped pictures, because looking in the view finder or seeing anything on the digital screen was impossible!  
Gunsight Peak through the branches. 
      We headed up the "Road Run" ski trail - an option for reaching the Hoffer Lakes basin only available after the ski area has closed for the year.  It makes for a little gentler grade!  Mostly we cut uphill for about an hour, climbing above Hoffer Lake and reveling in the glorious peaks of the Elkhorns surrounding us.  It was a good thing that I had the camera most of the time, because some of my "traverses" across hillsides were less than graceful.  Rick might have been tempted to snap some of the unglorious poses!  The snow was soft and I had a little trouble with it clumping on the bottom of the snowshoes, but overall a wonderful time!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves!  

VIEW all pictures from today's hike.  

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