Saturday, March 26, 2011


Luke positions his helmet to begin his ride to work.

Today is a travel day to return from Tucson to Albuquerque.  We are up early, as last night we remembered the time change (losing an hour) and we need to meet Jed in time for lunch so he can get to volleyball practice by 4 pm!  I quickly take a few pictures of Luke's house, which I had neglected to do!   Luke takes off on his bike for work at 7:15 and Rick and I pull out minutes later heading east to Benson, where we pick up Mom. 

We have a tail wind today (much better than the gale force head wind on Monday) and somehow the drive seems to go faster than Monday's trip!  We didn't stop as much, the views were much better since the dust wasn't flying all over the place.  Mom insisted on sitting in the back today, so I worked on macramé necklaces, etc. from the front seat!  We grabbed a quick snack or drinks in Deming, which was really our only stop of the day besides Socorro.  Cruised in to Sophias at 2:30 where Jed met us and had a good meal (although I ate too much!).  

Home to Three Fountains by 5:15.  Rick and I promptly unloaded stuff and took off on a walk to get a few kinks out.  I should have changed my sandals to shoes, as I am hoping I haven't developed a blister on the bottom of my foot!  We headed south a couple blocks and hit the bike path that runs along the arroyo coming down off the Sandias.  A good walk, but glad we turned around when we did because shortly after that my foot started hurting.  Good and sore by the time we got back (having also picked up a few groceries from Walmart)

Quiet evening reading the papers, watching TV, etc.  

Hmmm..  ten pm and I am ready for bed, but it's been a profitable day!  Profitable for the economy of Albuquerque anyway!  We had a change to sleep in a little this morning and have a little more leisurely start to the day than the past three have been!  Eventually Mom and I leave to go shopping and Rick takes off on a walk after finishing a few chores on Mom's list.  
Rick has sent me out with a coupon for a sale at Penney's - so what can I say?  I was just doing as I was told!  I ended up with a new pair of Arizona flipflops, a dress, two new tops (one that will go with my outfit for San Diego), two pairs of skorts (I hadn't been able to find any at Wal-Mart), material for a new shirt, and enough plastic mesh to get started on some Christmas presents.  Everything was sale price!  Came home and got started working on fitting everything into my suitcase!  Mom bought some new shoes and top also!  We had a good time!  
Rachael and Regan
Randy Rembold Family & Mom
Mom and #1 and #3 sons. 
Around 2:30 we leave for Edgewood and an evening with Randy's family.  Rachael and Randy are home when we arrive, and one by one the rest of the family come home.  Patty is first, then Regan, then Julian (Regan's boyfriend who is living with them), and finally Ryan.  A casual dinner and lots of good conversation.  Good to see everyone and I think this was the first time we have met Julian.  I gave two of my recently made necklaces to Regan and Rachael.  
Home around 9:30 to finish up a few things and get to bed.  Randy and Patty will be here late morning to take us out to the airport.  

This will be short and to the point!  We flew home today!  Finished up a few last minute chores for Mom (hanging some pictures) and enjoyed bacon and eggs breakfast before Randy and Patty arrived at 11am.  A little late meeting them downstairs because I couldn't remember where I had "safely" put the keys to the car!  
Randy and Patty drop us off at the airport, we check our baggage, and then discover our plane is about 25 minutes late arriving from back east.  Not a problem....Rick gets a USA Today and I continue reading the book Mom loaned me!  
Smooth flying into Las Vegas, but we are running about 20 minutes late at that point and we only had an hour layover.  We hit the bathroom and then go to find gate C12 ..... which proves to be a LONG DISTANCE from D5 where we arrived.  We walk and walk and walk and arrive just 10 minutes before flight time.  Everyone has boarded already.  These were our BEST seating passes of the whole vacation and we didn't get to take advantage of it!  In fact, Rick and I were not able to sit together for this last leg of our trip because all the duo seats were taken.  Ah well.  
The pilot takes good advantage of the SW winds and we arrive in Boise a half hour AHEAD of schedule!  From sunshine and a forecast of 75 degrees in Albuquerque to 42 degrees and rain and wind!  We quickly pull out the vests and long sleeves we left available for the trip home.  
Quick stop at Win-Co for some supplies and then on to Baker City.  We drove through a couple pretty good rain squalls enroute, but arrive home safely with a little daylight left at 7:30 pm.  

A great visit to the Southwest and family time with Mom, Jed, Luke, and Randy's family!  

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