Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sisters of the Traveling Gospel Retreat - Wallowa Lake

Group picture in the giant chair - cabin on left.

October 9-10, 2010
     Just one Rembold is on the road this weekend, although I think Rick did take off for a hike on Sunday!  Thirteen women from the Presby Church took off for a night at Wallowa Lake and a stay in the Langrell Grizzly Bear cabin.
     We left Baker at 9am, with Jean, Betty Kimbell, and Trisha driving.  For once, I didn't have to drive, which was kinda nice.  I was prepared to and had the van there, but was told it wasn't needed. Rode with Trish both up to the lake and home again on Sunday.  Probably the most sustained time we have had to visit and talk in years.  It was good.
     Met in Joseph at the "blue lady" and ate lunch at Mountain Aire restaurant.  I was trying to be good on my diet, so ordered the chicken soup instead of clam chowder.  It turns out to be chicken torilla soup, which is very spicy and quite thick - with masa harina probably.  I ate about 3/4 of the bowl and decided that was enough!  Also had a side salad.
     We took about a hour to poke around some of the shops after lunch; well, two carloads did.  The other two cars went straight on up to the cabin.  Dorothy's mother was with us and it was nap time!
     The Langrell cabin is awesome.  Six bedrooms, five of them with double beds, and the sixth with two bunk beds (sleep four)  Four bathrooms!  A huge kitchen with a table that will seat 13 or 14.  Big posh couches and a gas fire place.  Decorated with taxidermy everywhere, included a giant standing grizzling bear!  We couldn't go into the tree house, much to Liz Romvedt and my dispare!
     First activity was to make our "memory books" using the leftover materials I had from school and our Orihon Japanese book project.  Everyone thought they were pretty cool and enjoyed the project.  Then we were to have our devotional time, but I suggested a short break outside in the sun, since we couldn't guarantee it was going to shine for long!  We took a group picture on the chair.  I was so impressed when Louise Trapp said, "Pull me up!"  She is game for anything at age 85! The seat of the chair must sit about 6 feet off the ground!
     Then a short walk, which evolved into a 25 minute loop down along the river and six of us arriving back at the cabin after Dorothy had already started her "lesson".  Ooops!  Discussion of 1 John, chapter 4, "We love because he first loved us."  Music - I had brought the green books and the old guitar along.  I hadn't played it in years, but we sang for about 45 minutes and had a great time with a blend of old and new, contemporary and sacred.
     Spaghetti for dinner, with bread, and a huge tossed salad.  Even some meatballs!  Louise brought brownies for dessert.  And of course, a couple bottles of wine to round things out!
     After dinner one car headed back to Baker with 4 passengers - all women who for whatever reason couldn't easily stay the night.  The rest of us were all in our PJ's (lounging wear!) by 7:30 and settled into two rounds of Quiddler which lasted until after 10!  Amber and I slept up in the bunk bed room.  I don't think I have slept that hard for some time.  Hardly moved, woke up just once.  Not a dream in my head!
     Up at 6:30 to head downstairs and exercise before too many people get up.  By the time I got to my devotional time, it was getting pretty hard to concentrate!  Trisha and I left around 7:30 to walk up to the Boy Scout Camp.  Had a great little "hike", and watched the sun rise on the peaks behind the camp.  Trish was amazed to see the flood damage and wasted new log hall just sitting there.  So sad.  
     Back for breakfast, clean-up, and then a rousing game of "Chicken Foot" Dominoes!  I had never played that before and thought it was pretty fun!  Very different from Mexican Train.  
     We leave at 10:15 to drive to Lostine for worship.  It is a beautiful sunny morning.  Don't know where the rain clouds have gone, but like the change in forecast! 
     At Lostine Presby, we find the pastor is gone and the children are leading the worship.  It is a wonderful service and I fill my bulletin plus an envelope Amber handed to me with doodles and pictures!  I will add one to this blog when I finish getting it "painted" on the computer.  
     We drive to LaGrande where we stop at the Quiznos for a bite to eat and then on in to Baker.  The weekend has been delightful and a sure success.  The Sisterhood will have to get together again next year!  


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